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Who Is Resmi Nair and Where to Watch Her Videos?

Resmi Nair is an adult actress who has her content posted across adult websites in India. While India has banned p*rn content, there are some websites that are still accessible for interested audience. We are not promoting adult content viewership, but simply want to tell you about who is Resmi and how can you follow her. 

Apart from putting up her content on adult videos, Resmi is also a model who lends her s*xy physique for bold photoshoots. Resmi also has a YouTube channel where she shares self-made short films, travel vlogs, and other aspects of her life.

Who is Resmi Nair?

Bio Description
Name           Resmi R Nair
Nickname Ammu
Profession Actress, Model, Vlogger, and Activist
Date of Birth June 5, 1988 
Birth Place Kollam
Nationality Indian
Lives in Kochi
Known for Co-founder and spokesperson of Kiss of Love, YouTube, Adult Videos

While you might know Resmi as an adult actress, there are more aspects of her life that she reveals through her pages. Resmi is also an activist from Kerala and spokesperson of the Kiss of Love protest. She is the daughter of Ramachandran Nair and Radhamani Amma.

Resmi Nair age is 35 and she was born on June 5, 1988. As she is a Malayali, the videos on her YouTube channel are in her mother tongue. She was born in Kollam in Kerala, but now lives in Kochi.

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Resmi did not start her career as a model or an adult actress. She has an engineering degree from ECE and worked in Tata Consultancy Services. Her modeling career shaped up afterwards.

Resmi married Rahul Pasupalan and settled down in Kerala. They couple also has two children, Dwarak and Nangeli. 

To begin her journey in modeling she used to travel to Chennai. Her sensuous photographs landed her in several bold photoshoots and ad shoots. Resmi also had her photos up on national magazines. Her face was frequent in Playboy Magazine. 

In 2014, she was one the finalist in Playboy’s Miss Social Contest. The competition made her get offers in bold movies and shoots.

Along with acting in adult films, Nair is also a social media personality. She does brand shoots and collaborations to increase her earnings.

You can follow her on Facebook, where she currently has over 356K followers and Instagram, where she has 447K followers. She also has a Twitter account with more than 674K followers. Nair’s YouTube channel has more than 209K followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Resmi Nair?

Nair is an adult actress who does bold photoshoots and films. She is also a YouTuber and activist.

2. Where to find Resmi Nair photos?

You can find her photos on Instagram and Facebook. She has one public and one private account on Instagram.

3. Where to watch Resmi Nair videos?

You can search for her videos online and get websites that redirect to her movies. You can also find her videos on her official YouTube channel. 

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Final Thoughts

Nair is an adult star who also likes to travel and create content on social media. You can follow her right now for exclusive content to know more about her life and work.

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