How to make a reel on Instagram? Beginner to Guide Step By Step

You love scrolling them. More than that, you like to make them at times. Topping it all – businesses use them to boost their sales. Yes, it’s Instagram reels we are talking about! These catchy bite-sized video posts are not just the ideal response to TikTok but also one of the easiest ways to engage the audience on social media. Are you a first-timer at making reels? Your search ends here! We’ll guide you on how to make a reel on Instagram and categorically use it to market your products. 

It is no surprise that these reels have received almost 22% more responses, vis-a-vis other types of video content. So, it’s time to harness its benefits in the correct manner. Let’s start – 

How to make a reel on Instagram? 

Assuming you are a first-timer hovering on this page, looking for ways to create those catchy Insta reels (you’ve saved so many of them) – here are 2 ways of dealing with it – 

  • If you are making a reel for fun 

For this, you can record a video and create a reel out of it, or you may use a pre-recorded video or even photos and create a reel out of the same. There is a reel camera installed in the app itself, that you may use to create the same directly. Once you are done with creating the basic reel, you can edit the same accordingly, add musical notes to it, and enhance its effects.  

  • If you are making a reel for business purposes 

Are you wondering now how to make a reel on Instagram for business purposes, and whether it has any specific demand or not? Well, the only difference would be – a stronger base storyline and the video being shot in a polished manner. 

In the upcoming section, we will give you complete details in a step-by-step manner. 

Beginner to guide to IG Reel Step-By-Step 

As a beginner, if you wish to create a reel for some casual fun – 

Decide if you want to create a random reel with your reel camera (that is integrated into the Insta reels) or upload a pre-recorded video. 

If you are using the Reel Camera 

Step 1 – There is a ‘Length’ icon on the left panel of the camera. You will have to click on that to decide the length of your reel (options available – 15/30/60 seconds). 

Step 2 – Set the timer accordingly and hold the recording circle firmly in the middle of the screen to capture the moment ideally. 

Step 3 – Now you have to edit the reel. Start by adding music. You can find your choicest music by searching the same. From there, choose the part of the music which you wish to add. 

Step 4 – After this, you have to put in the AR effect. You will find a star button on the top, which will give you a host of video effects created by different editors globally. From filters to animations, you can add them all! 

Step 5 – It is quite surprising that most people who wish to know how to make a reel on Instagram don’t care to learn much about the layout, speed, and setting of the same. These are crucial aspects that you need to be concerned about. You can adjust the speed of your video as per your taste and then add a host of stickers, and voiceovers that will enhance your video’s quality. Done? Get ready to publish the same! 

Step 6 – Once you have done all the ‘additions’ to enhance your video, write down a catchy title and Share it with your friends. Your Instagram Reel is made! 

If you are using a pre-recorded video 

In this case, you will have to follow the steps mentioned above, with the only difference being that – instead of recording a new video, you will have to use a pre-recorded version. Let’s guide you on how – 

You will see that on your Instagram profile in the left bottom corner, there’s a square-like button that allows you to upload your chosen videos. Click on that icon and upload your chosen video. 

In case you have photos to upload, you will follow the same process. 

Once you have uploaded the same, then follow the rest of the steps as mentioned above (the steps mentioned when you are using a reel camera) to ideally post your Insta reel. 

If you are making IG reels for business purposes:

As a novice, do you want to know how to make a reel on Instagram to promote your business? Here are the steps to follow – 

Step 1 – Create a strategy 

Since you are using reels for promotional purposes, therefore you will need a quality storyline to create the same. It’s time to strategize. Start by either choosing a storyline that showcases your brand or go in for pictures that echo your brand’s promise (if you are using the already existing photos). Set your goals and understand your customer base correctly. 

Step 2 – Gather the footage you will post 

When you have set up your brand’s strategy, automatically, the next step would be creating the Insta reels according to the same. For this, you will have to create footage that matches the story of your brand. You may record new footage (a video or any act that showcases your brand the way it has been mentioned above) or you may use your old photos or videos stored in your phone’s camera for this. 

Step 3 – Edit your Insta reel 

Once you have decided on the footage, you must edit the reel according to your brand’s demand. Hence, adjust the speed, check the layout mode and the dual features, add some peppy musical notes at the backdrop, set the length, and add the filters accordingly. Ensure that your reel is visually appealing and can hold back your targeted audience for the time it takes. 

Step 4 – Add captions and customize your reel 

The last touch that you need to give is – add a caption to your video. This will make it way more personal and entice your customers to visit the website. That is completed – it is time to publish your reel. Share it on your Feed and publish it immediately! You must also store them in your draft for future use. 


Assuming you have read this content well, you now know the step-by-step format of how to make a reel on Instagram and use it both for personal as well as business purposes. Hence, you can follow the same, and assuredly create attractive content to keep the visitors engaged and lead to the target page. If you still have some queries, you can leave your comments below. For more exciting know-how guides like these, keep following this page.  

 Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1:What is an Instagram Reel?

Ans: An Instagram Reel is a short-shape video characteristic on Instagram in which you can create 15 to 90-second motion pictures set to music or audio clips. It’s a laugh and engaging way to exhibit your creativity and entertain your fans.

Q2:How do I create a Reel on Instagram?

Ans: To create a Reel on Instagram, open the app and tap the digital camera icon at the top-left or swipe proper out of your feed to get admission to the camera. Select the Reel option at the lowest of the display screen. You can then report your video clips, upload music, consequences, and text, and edit them as wanted before sharing.

Q3: Can I use my own song in an Instagram Reel?

Ans: Yes, you could use your personal original audio or pick out from Instagram’s track library. To use your own audio, you need to upload it as a separate clip even while developing your Reel.

Q4: Can I edit a Reel after I’ve posted it on Instagram?

Ans: Yes, you can edit a Reel even after it’s been published. Simply visit your Reel and faucet the three dots (…) at the lowest. Select Edit Reel to make adjustments to the captions, song, consequences, or trim the video. Keep in mind that any edits won’t exchange the engagement metrics (likes, comments, views) of the unique submit.

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