Winning Strategies for Evolution’s Crazy Time Game

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is not just an online game, it’s a thrilling ride of chance, bonuses, and potential big wins. Crafted by the creators of the successful Dream Catcher, this game introduced an electrifying new dimension to the live game show experience. This in-depth guide takes you through winning strategies that experienced players use to get ahead in the game.

Understanding Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an immersive, live game show that features a grand wheel divided into 54 sections. The wheel features four numbered bets (1, 2, 5, and 10), and four unique bonus games. Each number has its unique number of spaces and payouts, adding a layer of thrill and unpredictability to the game.

To intensify the experience further, Evolution has incorporated a Top Slot feature. This feature adds a 2-reel mini-game, which is spun to add special win multipliers to numbered bets or to upgrade one of the four available bonus games.

Placing Bets in Crazy Time

Now, onto the practical part – how to play Crazy Time? Select your chip size and place your bets on any of the 8 available spaces. Once the betting period timer expires, the Top Slot spins to reveal an available bet space and a multiplier for all wins for that space. The wheel then spins and the winning space is the one visible when the wheel stops. If you’ve bet on a bonus game space and it wins, you’re transported to the bonus game for real cash prizes or bet multipliers.

Effective Betting Strategies

Over time, Crazy Time players have developed effective strategies that are tailored to their risk appetite. Let’s dive into the details of these approaches.

Low-Risk Strategy: Betting on 1-2-5-10

This strategy requires dividing your bet into four and wagering each part on numbers 1-2-5-10. Given the odds, you need to bet the most on number 1, which drops most often but has a low multiplier. The balance should be distributed on the remaining numbers, ensuring you wager less on them. This approach is designed to minimize losses and maintain your game for a longer period.

High Risk: The Bonus Hunter Strategy

This strategy focuses on the bonus rounds that make up 16.66% of the wheel. The central idea of this strategy is that the high potential of the bonus rounds (up to 20,000x your bet) outweighs the risk. But remember, this approach comes with higher risk and potential for faster losses.

Ultra-High Risk

For thrill-seekers looking for a massive win, this strategy focuses on betting on the Crazy Time bonus, which makes up only 1.85% of the wheel. This is the most volatile of all strategies and should be used with caution.

Balance Control: The Key to Crazy Time

Balance control is an essential part of any Crazy Time strategy. The key here is to decide on a unit of bet and stick to it. It’s recommended that 1 unit equates to 1% of your total balance. Remember, discipline in maintaining your betting units is essential in this game.

Goals in Crazy Time

Before you dive in, understand your objectives. Whether you’re seeking long-lasting entertainment or chasing big wins will significantly influence your strategy.

Final Thoughts

With its innovative game mechanics and thrilling bonus features, Crazy Time is an unforgettable live game show experience. However, it’s essential to approach the game with a strategy. By understanding the various betting strategies, balance control, and setting clear gaming goals, you can elevate your Crazy Time gaming experience.

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