Why You Should Use Windows Movie Maker

If you’re looking for the most talented movie maker, you’ve come to the right place. This article will examine some of the many benefits of utilizing Windows Movie Maker.

For additional details, keep reading.

Working with and not using a Camera

To use this specific piece of software, your computer must be connected to a camera. The good news is that even without access to a camera, you can still make a video using this software, so don’t let that deter you.

All you need to do is take your time and become accustomed to the menu layout of this application.

You can capture and edit videos using the navigation panel. If you can connect a camera to this software, you can take a photo with it. You may also import photos and videos from your PC.

Displaying links to other websites

Windows Movie Maker is great since it lets you add links to any websites you like, including  a video hosting service. Other than this, there is no other justification for looking for missing codecs.

One of the numerous benefits of this tool is that it can automatically download the required codecs. The music and video files that are most significant to you will thus play without any problems.

A function that requires drag-and-drop

There’s a fair probability that you recently used your camera to take some photos and videos that you then saved to your computer. If you want to alter these movies or photos, you have a variety of alternatives to pick from.

The simplest technique is to drag & drop the desired file. In addition, you may upload your chosen audio file to this bar effortlessly and without any problems.

Once you have imported or dragged the desired files, you may add any movie effects. Additionally, you have the choice of choosing a transition from a list. You’ll be able to utilize one after you’ve added one.

Keeping a Copy of Your Work

If you wish to check your progress again, you may use the same movie box. The storyboard bar lets you rapidly arrange your videos and pictures. Additionally, be careful to save your progress often.

You could have to start all of your work over if your personal computer abruptly shuts down or freezes for whatever reason. It is crucial to check and save your progress frequently because of this.

Including narrations

You may upload narration audio files if you want to create narrations for your videos. You only need to choose and press the microphone button.

Once you have finished adding the narrations, you may select to save your work. After that, you are free to utilize this file whenever it is most convenient.


To make a long story short, what you just read described a few advantages of utilizing Windows Movie Maker. If you want to take advantage of these benefits, try out this software bundle.

You will be really happy with the option you pick, just like the great majority of others.

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