Why eSports & Crypto Betting Are Perfectly Matched

eSports betting has emerged as a booming industry over the past few years. This is due to the rise in popularity of competitive gaming, which has seen an increase in viewership and prize pools creating a betting demand. 

On the other hand, the popularity of crypto has increased. It’s digital, decentralized, fast-moving, and has enormous growth potential. This has led to an increase in the number of crypto-based gambling sites. 

The rise of cryptocurrencies and eSports has led to the emergence of this new industry – crypto betting. Crypto betting sites are gaining popularity because they are easy to use and offer a variety of betting options in various eSports events. 

This virtual betting industry is often seen as the future of gambling,  resulting in a huge boom in crypto gambling sites. 

This transition is only natural because staying competitive means keeping up with the times and the demands of the digital native demographic. 

What are eSports and How Does it Differ From Traditional Sports?

Traditional sports have been around for centuries, but eSports was not introduced until the very late 1980s when the first Space Invaders competition was held. eSports is a type of sport that is characterized by organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players. 

In the last few years, eSports has taken a mainstream turn with big-name sponsors and lucrative prize pools. Some games that have a large following include Overwatch, League of Legends, and Dota2, where punters use comprehensive review sites to find the best crypto betting sites of 2023 and beyond. This ensures when tournaments are held, favourite teams are supported and backed by favourable betting odds. 

There are three main forms of eSport: 

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena: In MOBA games, players battle in a two-sided fighting arena to destroy towers on their opponent’s side while defending their towers. The player who destroys all of the other team’s towers wins the game. 
  • First-person shooter: In FPS games, teams fight against each other using a variety of weapons to win maps or rounds through objectives like killing one another or capturing and holding an area. The goal of a game is to achieve victory by achieving certain objectives or tasks 
  • Real-time strategy: Real-time strategy games are very popular in the eSports world. They are played by two teams of players that compete against each other in a battle arena. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s base and capture their flag.

Things to Consider When Betting on eSports Matches

It’s one thing to know the best bets for say a  football match, but eSports is a new player in the world of betting. With that said, there are some key factors to keep in mind when looking at the best eSports bets for eSports matches. 

The most important factor to keep in mind when looking at eSports bets is that it’s not just teams playing against each other, but competitions. An eSports betting market might only have the winner and runner-up for an individual tournament. That means you’re betting on the top two players from an event with a $10,000 prize pool.

This can make eSports bets harder to find than football matches because you’re not just gambling on who’s going to win, but on who will come out on top of an event with a smaller prize pool. 

It’s also harder to bet on eSports events because the match may be an elimination bracket rather than a tournament, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your money back. A lot of the mainstream bookies offer eSports bets and other forms of betting on eSports. That’s why knowing the market leader in crypto betting for eSports is best. 


eSports are an interesting market trend offering the perfect merger of professional sportsmanship and digital entertainment. The same applies to crypto betting. 


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