What is dot ball in Cricket?

One of the main goals in a cricket game is to score runs. Currently is online cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees, which means that people from that country can wager in a convenient manner. In the cricket pitch, which is located in the middle of the field, there are two batters on opposing sides.

After one of those batters hits the ball, the batters must run to the opposing ends of the field. If both reach the opposite side, it is considered a run. The 1xBet website are online cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees, which also offer the chance to wager on how many runs can be scored during a match.

What happens when there are no runs?

Players have the chance to score runs only after a ball has been delivered and hit by the batter if he is able to. However, there are some balls where no runs are scored. This is when the concept of a dot ball enters into the discussion. You can now sign up to 1xBet – best live cricket match score is available for cricket matches from all over the world.

Other concepts that are involved when understanding a dot ball include:

  • the wickets;
  • the batters;
  • and the bowlers.

Currently, there are modern and digital scoreboards where everything that happens in the match is being noted without the need for having paper. This greatly simplifies how data is kept. The best live cricket match scores are on 1xBet, which are also extremely detailed and include mentions of dot balls whenever they take place.

Having pen and paper at hand

Prior to the widespread availability of modern computers in instances such as cricket, the only way to keep records was by using pen and paper. There are all kinds of scorecards that can be used with this purpose. Don’t forget that you can use 1xBet to bet on sports, and also see virtual scorecards about what is happening on different cricket games. One of the things that was necessary to properly keep a track of was what happened after each ball was delivered. Normally, there were small boxes where record-keepers, umpires and referees wrote how many runs were scored after a specific ball. Yet, as it was said before, sometimes no runs were scored after a ball. In this case, those tasked with record-keeping put a dot rather than a number in order to represent that no runs had come from that specific ball. That’s why these kinds of occurrences are known as dot balls, even if now records are kept in an electronic manner. You can use the 1xBet website to bet on different sports, and among its plentiful features, you can also see how many dot balls have occurred in a cricket match.

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