What are Some Good Light-Hearted Movies to Watch Before Going to Sleep?

We all deserve a little break every once in a while. Our hectic routines force us to pause, relax and unwind. And there is nothing wrong with just chilling and keeping your mind off of things that stress you out. Taking breaks improves your mental health and keeps you away from anxiety, stress, and depression. 

So what should you do in your time off? Watch light-hearted movies of course. Such movies play a big role in distracting and preventing you from overthinking about the coming days. They not only make you laugh but also show you relatable scenes and assure you that you are not alone. 

Finding good lighthearted movies can be a tough job, but don’t be sad as we have done the hard part for you. We have conducted our research and made a list of the best feel-good movies in this article; movies that will relax your mind and body and take you to a far, far wonderland where everything would seem magical and optimistic. 

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  1. A Christmas Prince

This film narrates the story of an American blogger who falls in love with a prince and marries him later on. It is a very magical story that takes you far away from reality and makes you forget your worries for a while. If you find this film interesting and feel like watching it repeatedly, well the good news for you is that there are two more movies in the trilogy, yay!

2. The Princess Switch

If you are a fan of princess movies, the royals, and of course the holidays, then The Princess Switch should be on your watch list. Moreover, if you have watched High School Musical and really like the actressor Vanessa Hudgens-es, well, be happy because in this film you will get to see two Vanessa Hudgens-es. Isn’t that exciting? 

3. Amelie

This movie teaches us a lot of valuable lessons. Firstly, it teaches us the importance of enjoying the little things in life and being kind towards ourselves and of course our community. The main character of this film is Amelie who works in a nice, cozy café and spends most of her time falling in a reverie. 

She cares less about the highly competitive world around her and just enjoys living in her own little imagination. Moreover, she hates leaving her comfort zone. However soon she realizes the significance of doing so and indulges herself in the most generous act of all; helping those in need. Amelie’s affection and warmth light up the lives of all the people she meets. This is a super heartfelt movie about an incredible character whose aim is to simply spread joy and happiness. 

4. Happy Go Lucky

If you are in a bad mood and feel hopeless, watch Happy Go Lucky and see how your mood brightens up. Sally Hawkins, the main character of this film is like a ray of sunshine that leaves her positivity wherever she goes. The world is an extremely dark and depressing place; however, nothing can come between Poppy’s heartfelt devotion to life. 

Even when life throws lemons at her, instead of crying over those situations and stressing about them, she faces all of the problems with strength and resilience. She is hence a perfect example of an optimistic and pure character whose patience and joy in the face of distress are exemplary. 

You will come across countless characters in life who will try to ruin your mood and day, however, Poppy is such a mentally strong character that no one can mess with her mood or make her sad. The cherry on top is the ending, which is one of the most blissful endings you’ll ever witness showing you what peace, serenity, and happiness look like. 

5. The Shop Aaround the Corner

A list of good, lighthearted films isn’t complete without mentioning at least one classic romantic comedy film. Such movies are almost always filled with the most delightful and endearing characters, characters who are intelligent, cunning, and very clever. These movies give you a taste of a wholesome cinematic experience. 

Although the main leads of the film spend most of their time arguing and being at odds, however, the two of them couldn’t be more lovable. The Shop Aaround the Ccorner, without any doubt, is one of the most decent, genuine, and dependable feel-good classic movies. 

Final words

When the world seems falling apart, the dark clouds of depression cover your head and nothing seems to work out, at such times, the best approach is to watch something light that not only brightens your mood but also uplifts your soul. So the next time you feel sad and helpless, just go through the list of feel-good movies we have mentioned in this article and thank us later.


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