Using a Car Shipping Cost Calculator & Planning Your Auto Transport

When transporting a vehicle, it is essential to understand which factors play into its quote and the final cost can vary widely from company to company. Vehicle shipping calculators can be invaluable tools that make vehicle shipment simple and cost-effective, providing instantaneous quotes from top companies, but read this article to get a better look at the process.


There are various factors that contribute to the cost of car shipping, including vehicle size and weight, distance traveled and type of carrier used. There are a few things you can do to lower auto shipping costs: for instance being flexible with dates can help save money; eliminating unnecessary items from your vehicle may help to bring down its weight; additionally shipping an open carrier may save more.

Car transport costs depend heavily on distance; closer pickup and delivery locations usually translate to lower transport expenses. Summer car shipping may be more costly than shipping during other seasons such as winter.

Car shipping can be a complicated and time-consuming process that requires extensive planning and preparation that you can read about here. Doing your research and selecting a reputable company are both key steps in the process, while speaking to friends or family about their experiences can provide invaluable tips and recommendations.


Distance plays an integral role in determining how much your vehicle will cost to ship; auto transport companies generally provide quotes per mile for car shipping rates; the longer your journey, the higher the expenses may be.

Another important aspect that deals with distance is timing. Seasonality has an effect on pricing so if you plan on transporting during summertime expect higher rates due to high demand and weather conditions; otherwise consider planning around peak seasons to save a bit on transport expenses.

Like I said above, if you need an estimate for car shipping rates, there are several online car shipping calculators that can give an instant quote of how much your shipment will cost. You can usually call to get a car delivery quote on the day. Unfortunately, however, these calculators don’t always take into account all the variables involved with auto transportation rates.

Time of Year

Car shipping should take place during spring and fall when demand is at its lowest and weather risks are minimal. Winter weather, on the other hand, can add days to transportation due to slippery roads covered in ice or snowfall that increases transit times significantly.

Demand spikes during special occasions like holidays or snowbird seasons can drive prices higher; this link states that summer months tend to be most expensive; by planning ahead and using tips provided here you can minimize these costs and keep costs to a minimum. It is always advisable to comply with local and state laws regulating vehicle transportation for safe transport as well as contact your Department of Motor Vehicles for additional guidance and information.

Enclosed or Open Carrier

There are various methods of getting quotes for vehicle transport. Many companies provide online car shipping calculators where you can enter your vehicle details and obtain an instant quote; other companies may ask you for contact info so they can call later with their estimate. But regardless of which route you take to get auto transport quotes, certain factors could impact costs significantly.

It is absolutely important that you determine whether or not to ship your vehicle via open or enclosed carrier. Open transport is the more cost-effective and most common means of shipping a car (source:; it involves placing it on an open two-level trailer which you might see along highways; these trailers can hold up to 10 vehicles simultaneously but may expose your car to weather and road debris during its journey.

Enclosed transport may be more expensive, but it protects your vehicle from elements during its journey, making this method ideal for luxury and collector car owners. Being flexible with pickup/delivery dates may help lower shipment prices–this can especially come in handy during peak seasons when carriers become overbooked quickly!


Many auto transport companies provide insurance policies to cover vehicles during transport, but it’s wise to verify their coverage before booking a shipment. Reputable brokers should readily produce proof of insurance when asked. If one hesitates in providing this documentation, this could be a telltale sign they’re not trustworthy partners to work with.

Before selecting an auto shipping company, do your research on their track record, pricing, reviews and insurance policy in order to find one best suited to transporting your car. Also be sure to compare quotes from multiple providers so you get the best deal – but avoid opting for the cheapest provider as they may not provide excellent services; paying more may provide peace of mind during its journey to its new home.

Preparing your vehicle for transport should also include taking steps such as clearing away all personal items and inspecting tire pressure to help minimize potential damages during transit and make the process smoother. Also, upon delivery complete a comprehensive inspection to verify that it arrived in its original state.

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