Top 6 Gambling Films You Need To Watch Again

Casino-themed films come with their own chunk of drama since they revolve around risk. Is it truly interesting to watch someone else try to be cautious while putting their well-being and money on the line in a desperate attempt to hit a life-changing jackpot? Gamblers we usually watch in gambling-themed films oftentimes manage to actually count their incredible winnings before the credits start running. Other times, they end up not so lucky and with a handful of additional troubles on their hands. Unique and highly intriguing action like the one we can see in Ocean’s Eleven keeps us biting our nails in front of the big screen of Gambling Films.

No matter if you are a gambling aficionado curious to learn new skills or get acquainted with the world where high-stake gambling takes place, you are fascinated by card counting and other similar ingenious ways of bending the house rules, these films will keep you on your toes.

Here are six of the most popular and interesting gambling films worth watching more than once; 

1. Vegas Vacation

While this might not be a Hollywood masterpiece on its own, it is, by far, one of the funniest casino types of films ever to be made. You will be watching Clark Griswold developing a gambling addiction while being steadily tormented by Marty, a card dealer played brilliantly by Wallace Shawn. Clark sucks at gambling so much that he “manages” to fork more than $20 while playing a game called “Pick a Number Between 1 and 10?”. He chooses the number 4 during the game, and he hears the dealer saying “nope, 7”, while grabbing his money. Clark then storms away and starts mumbling to himself. The scene is iconic and it is one of many that are prone to keep you laughing out loud until the end credits.

2. Maverick

Mel Gibson was casted by a big-budget studio to play the role of a con man and a card shark. His story finds inspiration in a highly popular TV series from the fifties and while the film itself might feel a little too bloated and, at times, overstuffed with Richard Donner’s Western scope, it still has plenty to offer to its viewers. Get ready to watch Jodie Foster play the role of a damsel-in-distress, yet giddier than you’ve probably ever seen on the big screen. Bret Maverick is a card player/con artist whose interest revolves around collecting money to enter high-stakes poker games, and his pairing up with Annabelle (Foster) and Marshal (played by James Garner) make the action interesting to watch.

3. 21

The film is based on the true story of the famous MIT Blackjack Team that managed to achieve the impossible and beat the house for close to ten years in a row. If you would love to see the brilliant math behind this achievement or you would like to follow the business-related side of the story, this film will definitely cater to your needs. Many consider it a dumb heist film with many a number of young and appealing actors like Aaron Yoo, Jim Sturgess, or Kate Bosworth, accompanied by Kevin Spacey. Whose character will be kidnapped at some point? It’s definitely a unique way of looking at the actual science at the foundation of smart gambling and we believe the film is a must-see for any casino fan.

4. Rounders

Given that Matt Damon is an “honorary Aussie,” it’s no surprise that the 1985 film “Rounders” was listed as a top casino movie at an Australian gambling site.The article cites the ethical issues brought up by the plot, which revolves around Matt Damon’s character and his plan to win enough money at poker to pay off his debts. The article also notes that “the film is peppered with Australian slang and examples of Aussie humor” so this may be a perfect movie if you want an extra twitch to the casino theme. 

5. Casino

1973 was the year when Robert De Niro was cast to play the iconic role of Ace, a gangster running his own casino full of mobsters looking to turn over a new leaf and do the right thing for a change. When he gets undercut by a hot-headed friend played by none other than Joe Pesci and a highly determined woman played impeccably by Sharon Stone, things get even messier. The film is directed by Martin Scorsese and it paints the picture of the way gambling in Sin City used to take place in the past, showing the viewer a clear and smooth evolution of things. Scorsese has a deep understanding of the way enterprises in the US are run in relation to the criminal world and he once again managed to paint the perfect portraits of the individuals who are prone to get caught up in this underworld. If you’ve loved Goodfellas, you are going to definitely appreciate Casino, especially if you are a fan of the mobster movies.

6. Ocean’s Eleven

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, Ocean’s Eleven is one of those movies that is prone to entertain you, make you crack up while keeping you on the edge of your chair, rooting for the characters. One of the earliest scenes in the film will display George Clooney and Brad Pitt in full-blown character, playing the roles of a couple of super-cool card players sitting at a table, dressed flawlessly and showing a type of swag that may gamblers only dream about ever having. While the film does not focus on the actual intricacies of any particular gambling activity taking place as the action unfolds, we are sure you are going to love the masterpiece played by a handful of highly valuable actors you are going to love seeing together, united for a common goal.

These titles are the most popular casino-themed films to watch, but if you enjoy the theme, rest assured that there are many more to choose from, and each country appears to have its own must-see list.

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