Top 6 Entertainment Blogs and Websites

Do you know what makes a blog perfect for gaming? Gaming tutorials, Articles or editorials, Gaming reviews, or daily updates? Perhaps, the amalgamation of all of these makes an ideal gaming blog or an entertainment blog like But every gaming blog meets these criteria in today’s competitive and advancing world. The problem lies in fact – selection. The bigger question is which gaming blog is appropriate for you, and the answer lies in the article below. 

Try to list your preferences, understand your choices, follow your gaming styles, and pick up the best gaming website or gaming blog to follow. Let’s dive into the handpicked selection of some of the best gaming websites and blogs for you. 


Polygon has been an independent blog ever since. It never started in a print or magazine format but directly across the market in a digital form. Since its launch, the website has rapidly increased its dominance over the market. Special thanks go to its sixteen-person team comprising its former chief editors and other contributors to rival gaming blogs. The blogs are not only game-centric but also focus on gamers and their viewpoints. The blogs also mention the developers and more. The uniqueness of Polygon makes it one of the most influential gaming websites in the industry. 


GameSpot is one of the favorites of gaming lovers worldwide. People often say, what GameSpot is to lovers, Wikipedia is to knowledge. The blog contains every minute detail of the gaming world. Also, the website encourages their contingents to add their thoughts and ideas on the forums. This creates a space for feedback, reviews, etc., and adds a good zone for game lovers. The website is perfectly designed with different categories like Xbox One, PC Gaming, Gametech, PS4, and many more. 

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This gaming blog is exclusively designed for publishing news related to gaming, reviews, editorials, viewpoints, commentaries, and guides. The website not only reviews the game but also revisits it every time to find out whether the content has transformed or not. Also, to check whether the writer’s viewpoints have changed or are still the same. Additionally, the website allows you to comment and edit any post paragraph. This makes it an accurate platform for discussing any gaming event or news. 


The website’s primary focus is game-making business and aesthetics. Try Vegas Slots Online a platform that shares the best gaming platforms with players. The curated list showcase trusted and safe sites along with all the latest offers and deals that players can enjoy. This is the policy used by Gamasutra as well. Many gaming professionals and gaming aspirants thus love the website. If you are looking forward to game creation, the blog is the best for you to turn to. Articles about programming, art, layout, marketing, audio, and video game development are also a part of Gamasutra. 


Imagine Game Network or IGN launched 21 years ago and is now claimed to be the world’s hottest favorite gaming platform. The website mainly focuses on video games along with the entertainment market. Blogs are essential for many gaming shops, comics, TV shows, and movies. IGN allows you to read video game articles, video game reviews, gaming tips, gaming facts, and so on. The popular Guinness Book of World Records awarded Imagine Gaming Network the most video gaming website. 

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My Top Sportsbook 

It is one of the prominent one-stop shops for sports bettors online. It helps them to engage in responsible betting practices and gaming. The website is designed to create the best bets at any time regardless of the betting type and sports league. The website allows high-quality sports betting analysis and review-making as well. It is the most trusted site for wagering needs. 


Not everyone is efficient enough to research and fetch the best websites or blogs. Neither do they have time to visit every website and scroll through their content. Individual gaming reviews are no more possible from a person’s end. This brings us to reviewing some of the best ones by experts and bringing them to you. So, how to make a choice? How to decide which one is suitable for you? Read the list mentioned in the above article and get solutions. 

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