Top 13 Sports Documentaries to watch on Hulu

If you’re an old forgotten sports fan who got stuck into the chores of life and couldn’t make time for catching live sports every now and then, Hulu has brought the ultimate solution by adding a premium range of sports documentaries to their content library. 

Now you can not only catch live matches and updates of all the mega sporting events from around the globe on Hulu, but also satisfy your athletic cravings whenever you have time by watching the finest sports documentaries on the platform. The best part is – Hulu offers all these superb collections of sports documentaries for absolutely no additional charges. You can get access to them by subscribing to any of the available subscription plans. They also offer a free trial for a month so what are you waiting for? 

Not sure what sports documentaries are the best to satisfy your athletic cravings? We’ve got your back by listing down the top 13 sports documentaries on Hulu in this blog

Dive in to pick what suits your taste the best!  

13  SHAQ  

If you’re a true basketball fan then this is your chance to get inside a surprisingly interesting story about the life of a basketball legend. It is an episodic documentary based on four parts that describes the ups and downs of Shaquille’s life and how he met his rise and fall. SHAQ opens to you as an interview and what’s greater than learning about a celebrity’s life struggles in their own words, huh?

12  Say Hey, Willie Mays – 

This sports documentary starring Bob Costas, Vin Scully, Jon Miller and John Shea under the direction of Nelson George is definitely a treat to watch for true basketball fans. If you’ve actually followed the sports, you must be a fan of Willie Mays – the basketball legend of his time. And this documentary magically showcases how the star spent his childhood and what struggles led him to an astounding career in the game. 

11  More Than an Athlete – 

Yet another treat to watch for basketball fans, More Than An Athlete is a well-directed show of the incredible journey led by LeBron James and his long-time friends turned business partners Rich Paul, Randy Mims and Maverick Carter.  The documentary showcases an amazing bond between the four – bringing intense emotions to the forefront. 

10  Fearless – 

The Inside Story of the AFLW – an intensely emotional journey of struggles and triumphs the pioneers had to go through to achieve their dreams of playing the highest level of Australian Rules Football which they were told they could never actually do, this documentary is based on six amazing episodes. It sure is a raw insight to the life and struggles of players in club football and how passion and focus can bring them to making wonders in life. Watch this amazing documentary on Hulu and know the depths of football leagues.

9, 37 Words – 

If you’re a real feminist who supports equality for women in all fields, this is a must watch for you without doubts. Based on four enthralling episodes, this documentary showcases an inspiring story of Title IX – pushing for the equal rights of women in both education and sports. Revolving around the 1960s when opportunities for women were highly restricted in American culture, 37 words mirrors the progressive movement led at that time which particularly raised voice for women’s rights and highlighted their role in sports and education. 

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8 Man in the Arena – Tom Brady – 

Starring Tom Brady – this amazing sports documentary shares the star’s personal account of his ten different appearances in the Super Bowl leagues. He talks at length about the struggles of attaining those milestones and reaching victories while also putting a light to the dark days of defeat. If you’re a true sports enthusiast then these ten episodes are the best content you can binge watch and satisfy your athletic cravings. 

7 Andre the Giant – 

Are you a fan of wrestling? Did you used to watch all the WWE leagues and then got lost of the hustle of life? Well, there’s something to reminisce about those days for you and that is the life and career of Andre the Giant (must be one of your favorites) put together into an interesting storyline. Watch this amazing sports documentary with Hulu that offers a massive content library at surprisingly low-cost subscription plans. 

6 Fate of a Sport – 

If you’re in the mood of watching some great sport struggle one-timer, Fate of a Sport should be your optimum choice. Directed by the great Micheal Doneger, thus documentary showcases how Paul Rabil decides to establish his own league after completing a successful career. The story revolves around him and his brother Mike Rabil fighting to establish PLL to encourage and promote professional lacrosse in the country. Dive in to Streamingpie and watch it effortlessly 

5 Being Serene – 

A true tennis fan? Serena must be one of your favorite stars. Do you wonder how her life would be and what struggles she must have come across while becoming the star she is now? Being Serena brings a perfect display of her professional and personal life divided into well-crafted and directed five episodes that are worth binge-watching. The good news is – you can watch Being Serena on Hulu without paying any extra dime but just the basic fee for your opted subscription plan. 

4 Nine for IX – 

With women empowerment and gender equality slogans bring a lot of progression in the society, it is hard to believe that there were times like these but yes they existed. Times when equal pay for both genders was just a dream. Nine for IX, an astoundingly directed documentary. Showcases the long-held struggle and fight for equal wages in tennis that was initially started by Jean King and was later championed by Venus Williams. 

3 A Game of Honor – 

Do you enjoy army-navy stuff more than usual? A Game of Honor could be your perfect watch for it takes you inside the pebbles of Army-Navy Football Game. From how the players are trained and the rules of game to what makes them a star – this documentary is well-directed to perfectly showcase all. 

2 Declared – 

Curious about the training process of NBA players and want to watch some classic basketball shots? Declared is a well-crafted sports documentary showcasing the four NBA prospects as they prepare for the 2019 squad under a popular NBA squad, Chris Brinkley. Based on seven episodes, this might be a long commitment but each part is worth watching for true basketball fans. 

1 Earn Everything – 

Based on eight well-directed episodes, Earn Everything is a must-watch sports documentary showcasing the Duke Blue Devils basketball and their struggles as they prepare for the 2018-2019 season.  This one’s definitely a treat to watch for basketball fans and Hulu makes it even easier by adding this documentary to their content library without even costing you any additional charges. 

 How to watch Hulu TV from Australia ? 

Excited to watch all these amazing sports documentaries on Hulu? The only hurdle is that Hulu is a US-based streaming service and comes with strict geo-restrictions. However, there’s a way out if you want to watch your Hulu in Australia that is to use a Premium  VPN Services

Not sure how to do that? Here’s a simplified list of steps to follow!

  • Get Premium VPN
  • Download the app in your preferred device 
  • Connect to a server based in the US
  • Access Hulu from outside the US and enjoy watching your favorite sports documentary without any restrictions! 

Conclusion – 

Pick the ones you like most and make the most of your free time by watching these top sports documentaries on Hulu. 

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