The Top 5 Rugby Stadiums in the World

They say you have to go through the bad times to enjoy the good ones. Well, in that case, we believe ourselves well suited to determine the best locations in the world to watch a rugby match in Rugby Stadiums.

Let’s start with a little question: what’s your favorite rugby stadium on the planet? Got the answer? OK. Consider all of the things that make it memorable for you: atmosphere, mingling with rival fans, nice pubs nearby, no large beer lines, simple access, big screens for replays, acoustics, no massive toilet lines, setting, scenery, food, no massive queues for anything…

Many of us have favorites, but they may be for personal reasons rather than because the restrooms were spotless or the ketchup containers were full. The beholder’s eye is the judge of beauty (unlike some rankings that are actually based on concrete features and characteristics such as the top casino sites in Kenya, best no deposit bookies, etc.). That applies to stadiums, as well. The real beauty of all polls on this topic, on the other hand, is the potential for debates and arguments. That’s exactly why we completed the list of 5 stadiums you can see below…

  1. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

It’s not the prettiest stadium, but for a stadium constructed on a cemetery, it generates plenty of noise and atmosphere, thanks to a three-tiered European-style design with the stands creeping right up to the pitch’s margins. Furthermore, the food quality and its selection are far superior to that seen at most rugby fields, albeit traditionalists will find a stall offering lukewarm pies made out of meat.

  1. Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong, China
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The Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens isn’t so much a rugby competition as it’s a must-see on anyone’s travel bucket list. The seven-a-side rugby itself is quick, frantic, and exhilarating, however, watching the game appears to be secondary to the far more vital task of dressing up as Kim Jong-un, singing along with the crowd, and passing out beneath the stands after your… 10th or 11th drink. Hong Kong’s Sevens format and spectacular carnival atmosphere make it one of the world’s top rugby arenas.

  1. Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain serves as the backdrop of South Africa’s oldest ground. It’s one of the best and most atmospheric rugby stadiums in the world, leaving some big and favorite memories for the fans from certain parts of the world such as the memory when the stands fell silent in 1997 after Matt Dawson’s touchdown gave the British and Irish Lions victory. So that you know – the sausages sizzling on the braais at Newlands are the source of the smoke on the venue.

  1. Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

The Cardiff venue is without a doubt one of the best rugby venues in the world on the day when there’s a match scheduled on it. Why? It’s a stadium in the heart of town, with opposing fans interacting as they roam from Cardiff Castle or engage in mutual liqueur duels in the hundreds of bars. When the weather cooperates, the stadium, also known as Millennium Stadium, comes into its own. There’s no place like it when the rain closes the roof and the Welsh start singing.

  1. Twickenham, London, United Kingdom- Rugby Stadiums
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Twickenham, the world’s largest rugby stadium, is a strange location in terms of mood. When the home team is losing, it may be as rowdy as a meeting of the adjacent Richmond Rotary Club; nevertheless, when it’s winning, it positively rocks. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, an African-American slave song that became England’s rugby anthem, is sung mostly to choruses. Why? No one has even a glimmer of an idea.

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