The shocking injury that paralyzed the world of hockey

Ice hockey is a high contact sport. This means that the risk of serious injury in world of hockey is always present. However, certainly no one expected what happened to Slovak player Richard Zednik. Visiting  to bet on many NHL matches is certainly a great thing to do. Some of the teams where he has played include:

  • the Montreal Canadiens;
  • the New York Islanders;
  • the Florida Panthers;
  • and many others.

In general, he is known for his performance and stamina. Now he is retired. However, if he would continue playing, visiting 1xBet to place wagers on him would certainly be a wise thing that anybody should do.

The injury in world of hockey

Zednik sustained a horrific injury on February 10, 2008. This happened while playing for the Florida Panthers. This seemed to be another normal match against the Buffalo Sabres. However, things would quickly take a turn to the worst. Teammate Olli Jokinen fell to the floor after being tangled with rival Clarke MacArthure. Unfortunately for Zednik, Jokinen’s skate blade sliced his neck. This severed his carotid artery. All of this made it spew a path of blood onto the ice. Such horrific injuries are really uncommon. What is not uncommon is to win when making hockey online sports bet on 1xBet site.

Zednik reacted immediately and went to the Panthers’ bench. Dave Zenobi from the Florida Panthers reacted immediately, and took Zednik to the locker room for immediate treatment. At every NHL game, paramedics are on standby to stabilize Zednik while home team doctor Les Bisson controls the bleeding. Bisson saw that Zednik looked to be in shock but was attentive and responding, indicating that he was not approaching death. 1xBet hockey online sports bet on the website is available for all the dramatic but exciting NHL.

Total shock

Zednik was taken to the hospital on an emergency run, and his condition was listed as stable when he left the stadium. The game was delayed for almost 20 minutes. This is because it was necessary to get the zamboni to clean the blood from the field. The 1xBet app Android allows followers to wager on all kinds of occurrences that might happen throughout a match. Thankfully, everybody calmed down after it was announced at the venue that Zednik was in stable condition. This led to a lengthy ovation of all attendees, and it was possible to resume the game shortly after.

The player recovered and managed to return to the activity. However, he never wanted to watch the replay of this unfortunate replay again. The app 1xBet Android allows you to wager on everything that happens in hockey and many other disciplines.

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