The most interesting pairs of teams in the Europa League playoffs

In mid-February, along with the Champions League, the Europa League playoffs will start. You can bet on your favorite in the bookmaker’s office Betss. For you, we have identified the most interesting pairs of teams in the first round:

  • Barcelona vs MU;
  • Bayer – Monaco;
  • Sevilla – PSV;
  • Red Bull Salzburg – Roma.

Only 4 of these 8 teams will play in the final ⅛ of the EL. Let’s talk about each of the pairs in more detail.

Barcelona vs MU

Undoubtedly, teams of the Champions League level! It’s hard to imagine how these two super clubs made it to the level of the Europa League, but it’s a fact. Bookmaker Bet ss sees the Spaniards as the favorite. MU started the season in the EL (since they finished the championship in 6th place), where they scored 15 points in the group and ranked 2nd on goal difference behind Real Sociedad. “Barcelona ” got there with the CL, losing to Bayern and Inter, scoring only 7 points. Who will be stronger: Xavi or Eric ten Haag? For sure, both teams will play with a half reserve, because the priority is the championship.

Bayer vs Monaco

A match between two strong clubs. “Bayer” played in the fall in the Champions League, gained only 5 points in the group, losing to “Porto” and “Bruges”. “Monaco” played in the EL, ranked 2nd with 10 points, 1st place was left for “Ferencvaros” due to the best goal difference. Of course, both teams strive to play in the Champions League and their level is good enough for that. “The Farmers have been a failure in Germany. They are only in 12th place. “Monaco” is still fifth in France, but the distance from the “Champions League” 3 place is only 3 points. Despite this, the Germans are the favorites.

Sevilla vs PSV

Sevilla is desperate to rehabilitate their nightmare performance. “Nervion” are in the relegation zone in 19th place, but there is a chance to get into the Europa League zone. Now the gap from the 6th place is only 12 points. Moreover, the Spaniards are repeat winners of the EL. In the fall, they took only five points in the Champions League and finished third. “PSV were second in the UEFA Champions League group after Arsenal with 13 points. It is easy to bet on this match via cell phone, to use the app – stBet apk download. Bookmakers see Sevilla as a slight favorite.

Red Bull Salzburg vs Roma

A clash between the winner of the Conference League and the Austrian champion. “Salzburg played great in the Europa League in recent years (in one season they won 6 out of 6 matches in the group). In the playoffs the “Bulls” got 3rd place in the Champions League with 6 points. “Roma” played in the EL, took the 2nd place with 10 points after “Betis”. You can bet on the match from anywhere in the world at any time, you just need to download apk from stBet and install the app. Will Jose Mourinho’s Special be able to pass on? Teams today have approximately equal chances. 


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