The Main Reasons Why Gamblers Like Jhandi Munda Game

Jhandi Munda, today one of the most popular games in online casinos, originates from Arunachal Pradesh in India, whereas a street game was a frequent pastime for both children and adults and a game that was played at Hindi festivals. The game itself has simple rules and is based solely on chance. It is played with six-sided dice that, instead of numbers, have various symbols on them. Similar variations of this game are played throughout the Asian continent. Langur Burja is a game from Nepal that has similar rules, and you may have heard of the Chinese version of Hoo Hey How or the Vietnamese Bu cua cá. Today this game is often played not only on the street but in online and land-based casinos as well. To help you understand why this is a game loved by many here are a few things you need to know about it:

How is Jhandi Munda played?

The main reason why gamblers love this game is its simplicity. The main objective of the game is to guess the symbol that will appear the most amount of time on the dice. It takes literal seconds to learn and about as much to play, which is another good thing for players who like fast-paced exciting games where the results are instant.

The online version of the game is played of course with virtual dice and a game board decorated with symbols such as:

  • Club (Chiri)
  • Diamond (Eent)
  • Spade (Hukum)
  • Heart (Paan)
  • Flag (Jhandi)
  • Face (Munda)

To start the game itself, players place bets on the symbol they think will appear most times when the dice are rolled. The outcome of the game is known the moment the dice are thrown, and the payout is also immediate.

The winner is the one who chose the symbol that was on the upper side of the dice the most times, while the round is lost by the one whose symbol is nowhere on the visible sides of the dice. Sometimes, depending on the casino, if only one of your symbols shows up you still lose the bet.

As far as the rules and instructions of online Jhandi Munda are concerned, this is all you need to know. As we have said before, simplicity is one of the best parts of this game. With quick research and very little practice, you are ready to play!

Another great thing is that with the online version of the game you have more variations making it more entertaining for you.

Some other advantages of this online game include:

  • Bonuses: If you have any previous experience with online casinos, you are surely familiar with the generous bonuses they offer both for new and regular players. As an incentive to sign up at an online casino, you will often be offered generous cash bonuses, and depending on the casino and the type of bonus, some of them can be used to make winnings in this game.
  • Statistics: The main strategic advantage in the online version of the game is precisely the statistics that show you the so-called cold and hot symbols. Cold symbols are those that have appeared on the surface of the dice the fewest times during the game, while hot symbols, on the contrary, are those that have appeared the most.
  • Switch between the tables: Even though the traditional version of the game doesn’t allow it, when you play online you have the option to switch to another table if you think it increases your chances of a win. 
  • Free-play: If despite everything, you are not ready to start betting real money in this game right away, there are free versions online that you can play as practice and preparation before you decide to try your hand at a real casino.
  • Guaranteed payout: All you have to do is choose a verified, licensed online casino. Given that licensed operators work under the supervision of regulatory bodies, payouts are guaranteed and, by the nature of the game, immediate.
  • Fair play: Independent organizations such as eCOGRA, iTechLabs, TST, and more are there to provide security and legitimacy for clients of the casinos they work with. By performing regular software tests they ensure that everything is operating by the book. These organizations provide so-called “fair play” certificates to major casino software providers such as NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming. Choosing an online casino that uses one of these softwares ensures no foul play can occur and the game can’t be rigged by the casino or third party.

Great payouts 

We’ve saved the best for last! When speaking about all the things players love about Jhandi Munda we can’t skip the most exciting part for any player and that’s of course the winnings. Out of all the games of chance that you can play in online casinos, Jhandi Munda has a reputation for being one of the most profitable with the highest winning potential. 

If the best-case scenario happens and the symbol that you bet on appears on all six of the dice you win your original wager plus six times the amount that you bet! The most common case though is that the symbol shows up on 2-4 of the dice, giving you back 2-4 times the amount that you bet and great chances of making a profit.

In conclusion, if you like fun, easy, thrilling games where everything happens fast and the payout is immediate, try your luck at Jhandi Munda. And make sure you have your lucky charm on you, it will definitely be needed.

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