The best slots on the theme of magic

The theme of magic has always been attractive for gambling enthusiasts. It is filled with mystery, mystery and unusual phenomena. Online casinos understand this appeal and offer many slots on this topic. 

The Alchemist

It is a slot machine created by Novomatic. It is based on the theme of alchemy and the search for wisdom. The essence of the game is to embark on an exciting journey together with an alchemist in search of precious stones.

The 5-reel slot machine contains 3 rows of symbols. There are 20 customizable paylines in the game, which provides a great chance of winning. The thematic symbols are the signs of alchemy: gold, silver, scrolls, books and lamps.

Players will find slot machines on the theme of magic through the casino catalog on the main page of the site. By the way, the provider publishes a few tips here. The popular section contains emulators with low and medium volatility, where you can catch the first win in a short time.

Fortune Teller

It is a slot game created by Play’n GO. At the heart of the machine is the theme of fortune-telling. Online entertainment allows players to immerse themselves in the world of mystery and predictions. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The background is made in gloomy shades and represents a darkened room of a fortune-teller. On the reels you can see symbols associated with divination:

  • crystals;
  • bowls for divination;
  • paintings with Zodiac symbols;
  • as well as mysterious objects.

The popularity of this emulator is especially high in India. Even the game 24betting crazy time sometimes collects fewer gamblers than Play’n Go development companies.

Magic Portals

It is a slot machine developed by NetEnt, which, when launched, takes you into the world of magic and magic. The main feature of this game is the presence of magical portals that turn ordinary symbols into wild ones.

Magic Mirror

It is an emulator created by Merkur. The slot offers players to plunge into the world of fantastic magic. The main character is a magic mirror that can bring big winnings. The game contains bonuses, including free spins and a multiplier of winnings.

Witchcraft Academy

This slot is produced by NetEnt and transfers gamblers to the magic school. The main characters are students of the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry who go on a journey in search of magical treasures. Gambling entertainment has amazing graphics and bonuses, including free spins and additional wild symbols.

Advantages of Magic Slots

The range of games in this genre is huge. It is due to several factors:

  • Magical atmosphere. Gambling games create a unique atmosphere, immersing players in a magical world with the help of colorful graphic elements, exciting music and screensavers. They allow you to forget about reality for a while and immerse yourself in an exciting journey.
  • Interesting characters. There are various heroes, such as sorcerers, fairies, wizards, as well as other creatures from mythology and folklore. Each character has its own unique story and special abilities, which makes the game even more exciting.
  • Magic bonuses. Magic slots usually offer various bonus rounds and features. These are usually free spins, win multipliers, special symbols with additional features, or even mini-games related to magic. Bonuses add excitement and increase the chances of big wins.

A variety of topics. A wide range of topics related to magic is offered. 

Providers choose different plots:

  • fantasy world with dragons and elves;
  • atmosphere of Victorian occultism;
  • magical forest;
  • a magic castle.

Thanks to the variety of themes, each player will be able to find a slot game to his taste. 

Magic-themed slot machines allow users to immerse themselves in the magical world and enjoy exciting adventures. They combine a unique atmosphere, interesting characters, bonuses and the possibility of winning, making the game unforgettable and exciting for all fans of magic.

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