Magical Effects Keeping the Pokies Players of Australia Spinning

Over the last couple of decades, the line between different entertainment mediums has become increasingly blurry. This has largely come about due to increased levels of digitalisation, given that most of the population now has reliable home internet connections, plus widespread access to mobile devices.

Although going to the cinema remains a popular pastime, more people are inclined to enjoy movies from the comfort of their own homes, accessing new content via streaming services. Essentially, this further merges our consumption of different entertainment mediums, given that many of us now use the same screens to play games and watch movies.

We regularly see blockbuster movies based entirely around popular video games, and vice-versa, with studios also incorporating more computer-generated imagery (CGI) than ever before, dazzling us with special effects as technologies continue to make great strides. These days, Australia is on par with the world for the production of visual effects (VFX), working in tandem with or even rivalling the biggest Hollywood studios.

Digital Revolution Down Under

Over the last few years, Australia has established quite the reputation as a key VFX hub, producing some of the most sophisticated photo-realistic effects, partnering with major international movie studios. Indeed, some of the biggest grossing cinema releases feature visual effects designed by the wizards of Oz, given the country is now recognised as a major hub for top talent within the effects industry.

Fans of the Star Wars franchise may already be familiar with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the company established by George Lucas, back when he began producing the original movie trilogy. But ever since his own holdings were sold to Disney, they have continued to expand this phenomenal visual effects company. This includes the July 2019 opening of new ILM studios in Sydney, where talented Aussie VFX experts have worked on numerous major cinematic productions.

But what has any of this got to do with pokies, you might be asking? Well, the most popular online casino games are often themed around various ideas, designed to engage and entertain in equal measure. Players tend to enjoy something they can quickly relate to with ease, and nothing compares to playing quality games based around our favourite movie franchises, packed with all the sights and sounds that capture the attention of cinemagoers.

Remember the original Avatar movie, the one that smashed all previous box office records around the world? There’s a casino pokies game that features impressive sequences from the original movie. Furthermore, most of the special effects work for the 2022 sequel – Avatar: The Way of Water – was undertaken at ILM studios in Australia.

Cinematic Explosion in Casino Gaming

There’s no coincidence that Aussies love being entertained by movies and games, especially now the two mediums are so tightly linked. In fact, many of the best online pokies in Australia are themed around major box office hits, based upon expert reviews covering the leading online casinos, highlighting which operators provide the safest options and greatest selection of games.

High quality graphics, desktop and mobile compatibility, winning combinations, and high return-to-player payout rates; these are just a few of the key elements that make entertaining pokies. Of course, those themed around movies have a distinct advantage, already benefitting from top-notch visual effects, transferred from blockbuster movies to their own fully licensed games.

One good example is the Jurassic Park franchise, which boasts a variety of pokies directly linked to each of the movies, filled with roaring dinosaurs and exciting features. Famed silver screen actors are also quite prominent on the spinning reels, given that both the DC and Marvel franchises now have their very own slots, the name by which pokies are commonly known beyond the shores of Australia.

But how are those particular themed pokies otherwise liked with Australia? Well, it’s hard not to end by highlighting the obvious. This country has played a large part in the production of special effects for the movies, and contributed towards the design of their licensed casino games, highlighting that Oz really is a wizard at captivating our gambling and cinematic senses.




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