Let the spotlight Shine on you with these Rose Gold Necklaces

Too often, we hold ourselves back from being the centre of attention. Shying away from expressing ourselves, lingering as a quiet presence simply because we are afraid to stand out. The need to do the same is instinctive, but you need not be the smartest or brightest person in the room to catch people’s attention. There is a unique charm in being the best dressed and the most stylish person in the room, as it naturally draws people’s attention. You can let yourself become the spotlight by 

As we are not habitual to these things, it might not seem very comforting initially, but investing in some statement pieces is always helpful. Whether it is apparel or accessories, these things give you an edge and go a long way. When you look your best, you end up feeling your best. For example, donning a rose gold necklace that speaks for you is a subtle but stylish step in that direction. There is a wide variety of rose gold necklaces available online that can help you jazz up any look while giving you a classy aura that is bound to make people turn to look twice. Hence, you can comfortably begin experimenting with your look by adding a rose gold necklace to the mix so that the spotlight naturally finds its way to you. 

Magic of Necklaces 

One often tends to underestimate how effective a dainty yet dazzling piece of jewellery can be for a whole ensemble. A well-styled necklace is that one aspect of the look that is bound to spark conversation and intrigue wherever you go. It is even better when your rose gold necklace has a unique design, making you stand out in ways you may have never expected before. The rosy tones are subtle and captivating and draw in everyone who looks at the piece. There are many reasons why a rose gold necklace is so special; let us explore the same.

Radiant in Rose Gold 

Fundamentally, rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper, with copper typically making up around 5% to 20% of the mixture. The standard yellow gold that most people are associated with and accustomed to does not dominate the colour of this metal. Instead, the copper imparts the rosy-hued finish of this metal. Interestingly, a special process called ‘Annealing’, which happens in the making stage, can also decide the colour of the rose gold necklace. The colour ranges from light pink to deep red, depending on the percentage of copper in the mix and how artisans have treated it. 

How to Style a Rose Gold Necklace 

A rose gold necklace has become so wildly popular among the masses in terms of jewellery and accessories in general because of its versatility. Moreover, the pink tones of a rose gold necklace are great on Indian skin tones, which makes it an immediate choice for women who love to experiment with their jewellery.

A rose gold necklace can be worn to work, to special occasions and on the daily as well, owing to its stunning simplicity. 

When you style a rose gold necklace, you already have an advantage. However, they look the best when paired with neutral tons of white, beige and cream. However, for an evening look that might need darker hues, you can never go wrong with pairing your rose gold necklace with deep shades of wine, purples and even blacks. 

Experiment with a Rose Gold Necklace from Mia by Tanishq

If there is anything that you need to remember when it comes to jewellery, you should always wear what you love. So when you shop for a rose gold necklace from brands like Mia by Tanishq, you find yourself spoilt for choice. Mia by Tanishq offers you the best minimal, dainty and stunning pieces that are bound to strike your fancy. 

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