Kioti Tractor History – Where Are KIOTI Tractors Made?

Since the first KIOTI tractor came to the U.S. in 1986, KIOTI has become one of the top tractor brands in the country. 

KIOTI stays steadfastly committed to promoting and growing tractor technology, price and service.

And in this quest, KIOTI knows its success will always depend on putting our consumers first and believing in the power of teamwork.

Kioti Tractor History:

1986 The first KIOTI compact tractor was introduced in the US.
1993 Daedong-USA, Inc. was formed and KIOTI Tractor was headquartered in Wilson, NC
1999 Introduced DK45, the first DK Series compact tractor.
2000 Introduced KIOTI KL Series loaders, KIOTI KB Series backhoes and KIOTI KR Series grooming mowers.
2002 Expanded implement line to include mid-mount mower, tiller and bale spear.
2003 Expanded implement product lines to include aerator rake, rotary cutter, box & rear blade and more.

Introduced CK20, the first CK Series compact tractor.

2004 KIOTI opened the new North American headquarters in Wendell, NC. Introduced CK25, CK25 HST, CK30 and CK30 HST.
2006 Introduced DK45SE HST, the first DK SE Series tractor with advanced technology.
2008 KIOTI Introduces the 4 Year Industry Leading Warranty. The DK75 utility tractor is introduced.
2009 The DS Series economy tractors are introduced.

The DKSE Series is expanded to 10 tractors.

2010 KIOTI introduces the DS4110HS, DK45SE Cab, and the DS4510HS.
2011 KIOTI introduces the MECHRON 2200 Utility Vehicle, CK Series Compact Kab, DS3510 and the first RX series tractor, the RX6010C.
2012 KIOTI Introduces the CS2410 Subcompact Tractor and the RX6010PC utility tractor with Hydraulic Power Shuttle.
2013 KIOTI introduces the new CK2510 & CK2510HS.
2014 The first PX model is announced, the PX9020. The first DK10 Series models are introduced, including the DK4510/H, DK5510/DK5510/H. New NX ROPS models are introduced ranging from 45HP – 60HP.
2015 KIOTI debuted four new CK10 Series models, including the CK3510/H and CK4010/H.
2016 KIOTI expands the Field Option Cab Series to suit new and existing models in the CS Series, CK10 Series, DK10 Series and UTVs. KIOTI Tractor adds the PX9530PC, PX1053PC and PX1153PC Models to the PX Series.
2017 KIOTI introduces two new models to the CK10SE Series, the CK3510SE HC and the CK4010SE HC.
2018 KIOTI Tractor adds new ROPS models—the CK4010SE, CK3510SE, CK3510SE HST and CK4010SE HST.

The DK10SE Series is introduced with four CAB models – the DK4710SE HC, DK4210SE HC,  DK5310SE HC and DK6010SE HC – and four ROPS models – the DK5310SE HST, DK4710SE HST,  and DK6010SE HST.

2019  Zero Turn Mower series, the ZXC and ZXR.
2020 CX Series two ROPs models – the CX2510 and CX2510 HST.
2021 CX Series – the CX2510 HST Cab. KIOTI Tractor debuted the NS Series with 5 new models – the NS4710, the NS5310H, NS4710H, NS 6010 and the NS 6010H.


Where Are KIOTI Tractors Made?

One of the tractor brands with the quickest expansion in North America is KIOTI. KIOTI, best known for producing small and subcompact tractors, is now introducing small construction machinery. 

The Daegu, South Korean headquarters of KIOTI Tractor owner Daedong Corporation. Daedong was established in 1947, and it initially produced tractors beginning in 1968. Daedong has expanded its offerings of agricultural machinery since then.


In 1993, Daedong set up a company in North Carolina called Daedong-USA, Inc. to sell KIOTI tractors in North America.  Later, the Company moved its US headquarters to Wendell, North Carolina, where it is still. KIOTI Canada was set up in 2018 as a branch of Daedong-USA, Inc. It has a distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario.


Tractors and engines made by KIOTI sold in North America are made in Korea and China and shipped from North Carolina and Ontario. About 500 dealers in North America sell KIOTI tractors.


At first, KIOTI only made compact utility tractors with less than 100 horsepower. Over time, the Company’s product line grew. Today, KIOTI and Daedong make a wide range of farm and building equipment, such as:


  • Tractors
  • Power tillers
  • Rotary cutters
  • Farm implements
  • Attachments
  • Zero-turn mowers
  • Rice transplanters
  • Combine harvesters
  • Skid-steer loaders
  • Engines
  • Utility vehicles (UTVs)
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Kioti tractors price range starts from $5,299* to $20,299* Plus. So, the Kioti tractor is the best deal for every farmer.

KIOTI Tractor Offering:


KIOTI has a full line of hay-hauling, dirt-digging, and trail-blazing machines ready to take on any job needing a tough compact tractor. 

Choose from the CS Sub Compact Series (22 to 25 horsepower), the CK10 Series (25 to 40 horsepower), the DK10 Series (45 to 55 horsepower), the NX Series (45 to 60 horsepower), the RX Series (66 to 73 horsepower), or the PX Series (90 to 110 horsepower) to find the right one for you.


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