Insider Tips to Save on Flights and Hotels for Cheap Trips

Planning an affordable trip seems almost contradictory, with travel costs going nowhere but up. However, Indian jet setters can still reach beloved destinations on modest budgets through clever booking combos.

Finding discounted flights and no-frills lodging requires insider strategies beyond limiting stays. Read on for ways everyday families and solo wanderers score deals bundling Cleartrip flight and hotel packages.

Book Connecting Flights

Taking indirect routes with stopovers opens up far cheaper flight booking options than crowded nonstops everyone wants. The few extra hours of total travel get rewarded with discounted airfares on average.

Stopovers also allow sampling of India’s diverse landscapes and cultures during journey breaks. Cleartrip’s long layover tour bookings even pre-arrange discounted city tours, while their app helps locate lounges and hotels for short stays near your connection airport.

Choose Airport Hotels

People assume airport hotels cost substantially more thanks to their convenient airside locations. However, limited dining or leisure options actually make them offer quite affordable room rates instead.

Add just ₹500-1000 for airport properties to lock in seamless transfers, letting you maximise vacation time rather than battling city traffic. As bonus perks, onsite parking deals prove cheaper than public garages, while soundproofing eliminates jet noise disturbances.

Brands clustered around India’s airports like Ibis, Novotel, and Radisson Blu provide reputable value without compromising essential amenities either.

Travel Early Mornings

Early birds do catch the savings worm when booking Cleartrip budget vacation packages! Red eye flights cost 20-30% less than peak-hour evening departures favoured by corporate travelers.

Additionally, budget hotels slash room rates significantly for late night check-ins after standard afternoon occupancy turns over. You’ll still have the next morning free to recuperate from red eyes before heading out sightseeing refreshed and with plenty in your wallet.

Pack Smart Luggage Strategies

Check-in bags bump up flight booking costs substantially today thanks to rising fuel surcharges, making every extra pound pricey for airlines. Experienced jet setters carefully curate carry-on-only wardrobes to avoid fees that can easily surpass ₹1000 each on international routes.

Rolling lightweight hard shells or backpacks allow cramming in more as well. Plus, you bypass wasting precious vacation time waiting at baggage carousels! Extra bag space then becomes available for bringing home regional souvenirs found along your journeys too.

Install Travel Booking Apps

Leave no savings stone unturned by installing every major travel app. Configure personalised alerts so that whenever airfare sales launch or hotel deals emerge that match your subscribed destinations and dates, notifications deliver deals right to your fingertips before sellouts.

Bonus Tip: Bind all travel profiles using a single Gmail account and password for easy cross-app access to booking histories and reserving preferred rates as a returning user.


Jet setters who leverage such Cleartrip pro tips enjoy immersive cultural vacations, adrenaline-packed adventures, or simply quiet beach retreats all while sticking to household budgets. Plan your next sojourn travelling for less yet living more today!

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