Glow Up Challenge: How To Glow Up And Become Prettier In One Month

I used to set aside 1 month every year to focus on myself and my appearance. I would do this every summer before school, late autumn before holidays, and then late winter to prepare for spring (and eventually summer). Every time I started my glow-up month, it turned into a meditative time filled with beauty routines and honest, loving self-care. It was like a delightful way to say goodbye to summer or get ready for a busy winter, but you can do this glow-up challenge at any time of the year, of course.

Glow Up Challenge For 2022: How To Glow Up In One Month Or Less

Wait, What Does It Even Mean To Have A Glow Up?

The term “glow up” is often used to describe a major transformation in someone’s life, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. According to the Urban Dictionary, a glow up can be either natural or planned, and can be either gradual or fast. Natural glow ups often happen during puberty, but I think the best ones happen when you fall in love!

What Is A Glow Up Challenge?

The glow-up challenge is a month-long journey that focuses on improving your wellness, health, looks, and mental strength. Even if you have a lot of responsibilities, it’s a perfect time to take the challenge.

Self-care is important, especially when you have a lot on your plate. When you skip self-care, you start to look tired, you gain (or lose) stress weight, and you’re more likely to experience burnout.

After Doing This Glow Up Challenge, You Will:

  • Feel physically better, healthier & stronger;
  • Probably lose a few pounds, in a 100% healthy way;
  • Look better, prettier & happier;
  • Possibly develop new, healthy habits.

And please know that this is not only for your looks! Feeling pretty and “put together” definitely adds a good amount of joyful mood.

I know that it’s sometimes hard to take care of yourself, especially if you feel tired, have a bad mood, lack motivation, try to cope with anxiety or life in general. But sometimes, doing a few caring things helps to improve these negative feelings.

  1. Drink More Water

I love drinking a lot of water because it keeps me healthy and energetic. Plus, it’s a great way to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration.

  • Want to rock unbelievably clear skin? Staying well-hydrated helps your skin to get clear, pretty, and healthy;
  • Water helps to flush out bloat that comes with eating too much salt or junk food and not drinking enough water;
  • Also, it’s easier to lose unnecessary pounds when you’re drinking enough H2O.

So make it your glow up step one and increase your water intake today. If you hate plain water, add some taste with fruits, mint, or cucumber!

  1. Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

Eating more veggies and fruits is incredibly beneficial for our bodies – and it’s a perfect, healthy way to lose a few pounds without feeling like we’re dieting. Here are some tips on how to incorporate more veggies into our diets for our glow up challenge!

  • With every meal, opt for a big salad as a side or choose grilled veggies, veggie soups, and stews.
  • If you can, make one of your daily meals a plant-based one.
  • Have a fruit smoothie every day (it’s perfect for breakfast!). To make it more filling and satisfying, add a little bit of healthy protein like greek yogurt. Include healthy fats like nuts, crunchy or smooth peanut butter, soft chia seeds, crunchy flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, or even sesame seeds. All of these foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols that will feed your skin and hair so they can look absolutely gorgeous.
  • If it’s hard for you to keep up with this, try focusing more on healthy proteins, like beans, eggs, lentils, almond milk, and chickpeas, as they’re just as good for your body too.

If you want to improve your appearance and health, then you need to change the way you eat. Eating the right foods will help to boost your metabolism, give you a natural glow, boost your hair radiance, help you become more fit, improve circulation, and make your skin softer. So many benefits! Just try it and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

When I’m trying to eat healthier, I also use this little mindset shift: imagine that every veggie, nut, or fruit I eat will make me prettier and happier. It’s not imaginary – every healthy food gives your body nutrients necessary for your skin, nails, hair, and cognitive functions. For example, flax seeds are especially beneficial for your mood (and can even help you to fight depression) thanks to their high amount of omega 3 acids and magnesium. Spinach is an absolute champ veggie that has so much zinc that your skin will forget about blemishes, and your hair will look fantastic.

  1. Do A Few Quick Workouts Every Day

I know you don’t have time. Or energy. I don’t either (yet!).

But working out is an essential part of “glowing up”. So let’s be smart and make this work, even if you’re super busy. Here’s how to have a non-overwhelming glow up routine for your beautiful body:

  • Instead of committing to a long workout once a day, commit to just a few short, 10-15 minute workouts that you can fit in your schedule whenever you have a small gap.
  • I love doing a short 15-minute workout in the morning and one in the evening. It’s enough to make your body warm, make your heart beat faster, and it totals in 30 minutes of exercising every day. On days when I have more spare time, I incorporate even more of these quickies (“that’s what she said” – Michael S.) to reap more benefits.
  • This method is also excellent if you’re overweight and it’s hard for you to start with full workouts. Doing a little bit, a few times a day will help your body to get gradually stronger and prepare you for more strenuous workouts later.
  • Use some weights! The faster you make your muscles stronger, the sooner you will start burning more calories, resulting in your body getting fitter.
  • Watch your posture! Good posture is half of the work on your body glow up routine. Practice standing and walking straight. It will help you look healthier, and it can literally make you feel better about yourself.
  1. Fancy Some Tan?

One of the most important steps to achieving a “glow up” is getting a healthy golden glow. There’s just something about bronzy skin that makes a person look a lot healthier (and it really does improve the way your makeup looks).

So, you’re looking to get a lovely shade of golden, rich, sun-kissed tan without having to spend time in the sun and risk damaging your skin. The best way to do this is by using a self-tanner. Yes, it takes quite some time to keep up with a good self-tanning routine (most tans need to be “built-up” and don’t last more than a week), but there are ways to make it work for you!

This self-tanner works perfectly! The color is nice and subtle, with no sticky feeling. It also doesn’t streak, and you can gradually build it up to the color you want. Of course, you will still get a little bit of self-tanner smell with it, but I noticed that it’s much less detectable than with other tans.

  1. Get More Sleep

This one is simple! Just allow yourself to sleep more to help your body rest, recover and recharge. It’s way more important than watching another episode on Netflix. After all, any sleep is a beauty sleep!

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