Gambling-themed Bollywood Movies

The first association with Bollywood is usually a distant country India, a foreign language, and a tragic romance or family movie featuring Shahrukh Khan. Although all of these are true and Shahrukh is, without doubt, the most famous ever Indian actor, producer, and TV star, Bollywood has so much more to offer. 

Bollywood is special for its extravagant singing and dancing scenes, amazing scenarios, eye-catching set designs as well as plot stories with digging deep into the culture and customs.

However, Bollywood has improved a lot, and even though tragic romance movies are still coming out, the producers in the last few decades have much more freedom than before and are giving the public an insight into different life stories that used to be taboo topics.

Gambling in Bollywood

An uncommon thought is that gambling never was a taboo topic in Bollywood, it was a fancy part of Indian cinema for almost as long as it exists. Since finding the best online casino in India can be tricky, the same does not have to apply to Bollywood gambling movies. Contrary to the typical trend of mainstream filmmakers to steer clear of this subject matter, a few well-known films have investigated it while adding a splash of suspense, thrill, and occasionally even romance. Here are some of the noteworthy gambling-themed Bollywood movies.

#5 Jannat

That cricket is one of the top topics in India confirms this movie from 2008, about a cricket bookie, played by Emran Hashimi, who uses his sixth sense and random skills to bet on cricket games. The crowd is captivated as he explores the South African sports betting sector to the movie’s end. Of course, many still enjoy singing along to the songs from this movie today. The movie earned a fair 6.9/10 stars on IMDb which was enough for directors to make a sequel Jannat 2.

#4 Teen Patti

Movie from 2010 featuring one of the biggest Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan in the role of professor Venkat Subramaniam. The story begins when one of the world’s greatest living mathematicians Trachtenberg meets Venkat, a math genius from India in London’s high-rolling casino. The idea of an equation does not only change the dialogue on mathematics, but it sparks interest in Venkat and how it would be if it was applied in real life or more specifically in a poker game. The great cast of this movie will most certainly hold your attention till the very end, as this is a spoiler-free article.

#3 The great Gambler

Another movie with iconic Amitabh Bachchan in the main role, who appears as protagonist Jai who has a history of a gambler that has never lost a single game. Impressed by his skills, don Ratan Das hires him to play on his behalf. To find out what happens next you should watch this movie from 1979 filled with amazing scenes and lots of unexpected characters.

#2 Race

That everything is fair in love and war, will be proven by Ranvir and Rajiv who are both brothers and worst enemies. This action and crime drama has achieved a fine 6.6/10-star rating on IMDb and with some major Bollywood stars of the new age like Saif Ali Khan and Katarina Kaif, there is no doubt this movie will have your attention from beginning to end.

#1 Do Dooni Chaar

Unlike other movies on the list, this is a cute family movie about a middle-class family which is about to buy a car. It won 7.5/10 IMDb stars. A series of unexpected events follow the main role of Santosh Duggal who is a math teacher and lives in Delhi with his wife, daughter, and son. They own only a scooter and are invited to a wedding, how they get to the wedding and what happens next, you will have to find on your own.


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