Gambling goes online: how online gambling zone develops

In terms of capital growth, the online casino market is one that has been most surprising. In 2023, global gambling (online casinos included) should generate 525 billion dollars in revenue. In 2014, the figure was 450 billion. 75 billion growth is not a good sign.

This article will discuss innovations in the gaming industry, in terms of virtual reality or artificial intelligence.

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 Casino carry

Forbes analysts previously highlighted the rapid growth of chatbots and artificial intelligence in online gambling and iGaming worldwide in 2018. There is a clear trend: Everything is growing as different virtual reality -VR – applications improve and develop.

The active use of cryptocurrency in online gaming transactions is a key contributor to all that has been said. Already, it is clear that by 2019, there will be more money flowing into online casinos using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum than traditional fiat currencies. Evolution Gaming, an online casino, explicitly states that players who wager in cryptocurrency – such as poker, blackjack, and virtual slot machines – have a higher chance of success. The gambling industry is given a boost by online express payments in cryptocurrency.

Cross-platform gaming is also showing clear signs of development. Mobile icon gambling via smartphones is on the increase. Online casinos are adapting to changing needs of players. Mobile devices now account for more than half of online gambling’s revenue.

Gamblers want to be able to carry the game with them wherever they go – whether it’s at work, in the park or at home.

A resourceful Asia in a global gambling world 

Europe is the leader in online gambling, with 53% of the global total market. Asia and the Middle East are close behind. North America accounts for 11%, Oceania and Australia account for 7%. Most countries have governmental agencies that artificially limit the development of Asian online gaming markets. Despite the fact that this market has huge potential, the heads of countries recognize it.

This year, the presence of Asia in gambling has been more apparent. Bookmaker’s offices are dominated in part by bets from the Chinese middle classes, which is more than 400 million. There is a growing number of players from Southeast Asian nations like Thailand, Japan, and India. These countries are not yet open to the global gambling industry. WeChat, the region’s top social and payment network, is already offering legal applications that allow users to place bets at online casinos.

For example, in China, the state lottery, sports, and mahjong (a Chinese game of four-player dice gambling) are all allowed. However, online gambling sites from Western countries are prohibited in China. This is why the Chinese resort to proxy gambling, which allows them to place bets on Western websites through intermediaries. It is evident that new technical solutions have been introduced to help Asian countries expand their gambling businesses.

 Artificial Intelligence Tactics 

Three important aspects of artificial intelligence are involved in the creation of gambling companies:

  • Acquisition marketing – attraction marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of the gaming habits of each user. Automates the decision of which online casino idea will provide the best results for involving the new player in the game.
  • Retention Marketing is customer retention marketing where AI is used to instantly analyze player behavior and attract new customers.
  • Fraud Management – Management of fraud risks in AI is vital for the safety of the online casino system.

Online gambling is still being actively used by bots. The boundaries between online gambling and offline are blurring at an increasing rate due to high levels of trust and comfort with new AI products.

Machine learning is also growing in popularity every day. Machine learning is improving with AI image recognition and the ability to process data in real-time. Machine learning has become more confident and capable of playing a major role in gambling by integrating payment solutions with private accounts, smart user identification and opening user profiles on social networks.

Online casino operators are increasingly paying more attention to the security of technology solutions within the gambling industry. Online casino operators continue to focus on secure login technology in 2019. This technology allows players to log in quickly and without needing to enter their username or password again.

Online casinos use biometric identity verification solutions for user identification by fingerprint and facial scan, which have been tested and are now available even in the budget smartphones lineup. This allows players to quickly access their accounts at online casinos.

The virtual world blends with the real one

Online players love live dealer games. This allows players to feel as if they’re in a casino. Virtualization technology is being used in virtual games. This year, the American Golden Nugget will offer online roulette with a New Jersey dealer – from the casino floor rather than the usual virtual casino studio.

Virtual reality is making great strides in many areas, including online gambling. Virtual reality has been made available to players in some games and casinos. These online casinos are embracing virtual reality.

Many industries are using VR technology. Some estimates suggest that VR technology will be used by more than 100 million people to facilitate online shopping by 2020. Imagine how crucial this figure is for the online casino system. The gaming experience allows users to fully immerse them in it. You can take, for instance, Jack and Beanstalk by Netent or It Came from Venus. Betsoft’s three-dimensional graphics and simple settings make it a favorite. There are many games available for software developers that can be seamlessly integrated into the virtual world.

VR Tech has become a standard in the gaming industry thanks to consoles such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. For simple games that require less visualisation and more movement in space, the Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard can be a good choice. Oculus Go, Daydream and Daydream, both autonomous headsets that were launched in 2018, are a step forward in the development of better headsets that don’t need a smartphone or a computer connection. They can also be used for shooting arcade games, or even gambling.

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