Famous Actors Who Like to Visit the Casino

Gambling is a fun way to spend free time and entertainment that attracts millions of people. You may be surprised, but celebrities are also among the frequent casino goers. They usually act like highrollers wagering thousands and sometimes millions of dollars per night.

Famous people tend to choose luxurious casino destinations that can guarantee privacy. Though they gamble on the Internet as well. Itt találhatsz olyan online kaszinókat, amiket még egy híresség is választana. Below, we’ll tell you about prominent actors who like to visit casinos.

  • Brad Pitt

A star actor Brad Pitt reportedly got interested in gambling after starring in Ocean’s Eleven movie. The preparation for the role included some research in that field and it seems that this ended up in a kind of affinity to casino games.

The Golden Globe Awards and Emmy winner likes to play blackjack and poker. They say he can also be seen in casinos playing slot machines. We assume that the star of Troy, Meet Joe Black, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a frequent casino goer.

  • Matt Damon

Another iconic actor who starred in Ocean’s Eleven and likes gambling is Matt Damon. The recipient of the Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy, and British Academy Film Awards is a vehement poker player who even participates in WSOP tournaments. You can meet him at one of the related events if you’re lucky. Playing poker with a live embodiment of Jason Bourne is something any gambler would like to experience.

  • Ben Affleck

A Hollywood celebrity actor and a 3-time Golden Globe winner Ben Affleck is a renowned fan of poker. He’s reported to have won a few tournaments with the biggest prize bringing him a win of about $800 000. One of the best actors who embodied DC Batman also likes blackjack. You have a chance to come across him in one of Vegas casinos playing a hand with a dealer.

  • Jennifer Tilly

A famous American-Canadian actress who gained popularity due to her roles in black comedies and voicing Bonnie Swanson in the Family Guy animated series is a professional poker player. She won the 2005 WSOP Ladies Championship and continues participating in tournaments in present. Her actress career and love for poker are so mixed together that she even played herself as a professional player in a Poker Queens documentary.

  • Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is a celebrity actor who became popular due to a series of Spider-Man movies by Sam Rami. Many fans still think he was the best embodiment of the popular Marvel Character.

Tobey Maguire is a professional poker player who participated in many WSOP tournaments. He was trained by the legendary Daniel Negreanu, so we presume that “Spider-Man” is really good at poker. Apart from WSOP tournaments, the actor can also be met in casinos enjoying the game at a blackjack table.

  • Summary

Famous actors are often vehement gamblers and casino goers. The big names in the presented above selection prove that a lot. We presume that many more celebrities play casino, but without revealing it to the public. The best gambling houses know how to cater to such VIP guests and keep their play anonymous.

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