Celebrity Ghost Stories: Famous Stars Who Lived in Haunted Homes

As published by Trstdly, being a celebrity definitely has its perks – the fame, fortune, and access to luxurious homes and lifestyles most people only dream of. But it seems even the rich and famous can’t always escape things that go bump in the night. Some top stars have reported downright spooky paranormal activity while living in certain houses, mansions and penthouses.

From unexplained noises to alleged apparitions, a number of big-name celebs have claimed their spectacular homes were haunted by ghosts or other supernatural forces. Their creepy real-life accounts provide an intriguing glimpse into celebrity haunted houses that even their wealth couldn’t protect them from.

Here are some notable examples of famous figures who braved spirits and strange happenings in their own not-so-humble abodes.

Jennifer Aniston – The Roommate Hating Ghost

Shortly after rising to stardom on the hit show Friends, Jennifer Aniston rented an apartment in Los Angeles. But according to reports, she soon regretted that decision when a mischievous ghost started targeting her roommate.

As Aniston told the story, objects around the apartment would mysteriously switch on by themselves – the dishwasher, coffee maker and stereo among them. The activity always seemed aimed at her roommate, never Aniston herself. Lights also would flicker on and off around the roommate for no reason.

Fed up, Aniston eventually called in a psychic medium to communicate with the spirit. The medium explained that the ghost was haunting the apartment because it hated Aniston’s roommate for some reason. Not wanting to live with an angry poltergeist, Aniston promptly moved out shortly afterward.

While skeptics might dismiss the tale as fiction, Aniston has stuck by the supernatural story over the years. Her celebrity haunted house experience shows fame can’t shield stars from pesky ghosts determined to torment their roommates.

Kendall Jenner – The Kardashian Haunted Mansion

As a member of reality TV’s ultra-famous Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner grew up living a lavish lifestyle. But in an interview with Vogue magazine, she revealed that her childhood home came with an unexpected cost – it was haunted.

Jenner told of several creepy instances of unexplained activity she experienced in her mom’s mansion in Beverly Hills. Ominous noises like footsteps would emanate from the roof when no one else was home. Showers also would turn themselves on randomly in one of her sister’s vacant bedrooms.

The supermodel has remained convinced a ghost was to blame for the eerie happenings. It seems fame and fortune couldn’t protect Jenner from feeling haunted in her own palatial home – a creepy fate she shared with fellow model and friend Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid – Terrorized by a Mansion’s Ghostly Woman

During the same Vogue interview, Gigi Hadid opened up about her own brush with the paranormal while renting a haunted mansion in New York City. Hadid revealed that she slept on the top floor attic of the multi-level home.

Strange sounds would often emanate from a closed closet up there – far too loud to dismiss as the usual creaks and groans of an old house settling. Hadid also suffered through vivid nightmares while living in the home, leaving her convinced it was haunted by a ghostly woman – likely a former resident.

Between the bizarre closet sounds and disturbing dreams, the typically poised supermodel admitted the mansion terrified her. She eventually couldn’t stand another night of supernatural torment and moved out.

Clearly, even celebrities at the peak of their profession can’t escape ominous hauntings in their spectacular homes. For Hadid, the ghostly manifestations were so unnerving that no amount of wealth or fame could persuade her to stay.

Joan Rivers – Terrorized by a Ghostly Heiress

The late comedian Joan Rivers enjoyed immense success in her long career. As a multimillionaire, she was able to afford a lavish $25 million penthouse in New York City. But according to reports, Rivers endured a famous unseen roommate – the ghost of a former heiress.

The spirit was said to be that of Mrs. Spencer, niece of financier J.P. Morgan. She previously owned River’s apartment in the early 1900s when it was the largest penthouse in Manhattan. According to Architectural Digest, Rivers described Mrs. Spencer making her presence felt in various ways, including haunting smells and noises.

The experience disturbed Rivers so much that she tried to appease the ghost by hanging a portrait of Mrs. Spencer in the ballroom. Rivers also left flowers and notes for the spirit, pleading with her to stop the torment.

Rivers’ celebrity haunted house predicament shows that even comedy icons can become seriously unhinged by a bothersome spirit intruding into their homes. And that immense wealth doesn’t prevent the dead from imposing on the living.

Demi Lovato – Menaced by a Child Ghost Named Emily

Pop singer Demi Lovato’s celebrity ghost encounter took place while growing up in her family’s home in Texas during the 1990s. She insists the house was haunted by the ghost of a young girl named Emily.

As Lovato reported in an interview, she would frequently see Emily’s apparition at night walking around the house. The ghost particularly gravitated toward her bedroom. Emily was described as having long dark hair and wearing an old-fashioned white dress.

Lovato also admitted having frequent nightmares in the home she believes Emily’s spirit caused. Other weird happenings included lights mysteriously flickering and Lovato waking up with mysterious bruises.

While ghosts seem to favor haunting the rich and famous, Emily targeted Lovato long before she found pop stardom. The troubling experience left Lovato convinced she lived in a bonafide haunted house – a disturbing situation no amount of fame or achievement can necessarily protect from.

Nicolas Cage – Driven from His Infamous LaLaurie Mansion

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage purchased a sprawling New Orleans mansion in 2007 unaware of its macabre history. The home was built in 1832 by twisted socialite Delphine LaLaurie who tortured and killed numerous black slaves behind its walls. After the ghastly crimes came to light, an angry mob destroyed the estate.

Over a century later, workers restoring the home found secret chambers where LaLaurie committed her unspeakable acts. After Cage bought the infamous property, he reported several supernatural run-ins. These included seeing ghosts and a voodoo priestess warning him to leave immediately.

Rattled by the home’s dark energy, Cage sold the mansion at a huge loss just a few months later. He reportedly couldn’t bear another night in the reviled LaLaurie house with its lingering malevolent spirits.

For Cage, the New Orleans mansion represents celebrity haunted houses at their worst – magnificently appointed homes still saturated with the evil deeds committed there long ago. Some stains simply can’t be removed, no matter how famous or wealthy the owner.

Lady Gaga – Spooked by the Spirit of a Dead Owner

While renting a massive $25 million mansion in Malibu, pop sensation Lady Gaga reported strange happenings caused by an ethereal woman named Christina. As Gaga told UK chat show host Alan Carr, Christina was the ghost of the original estate owner’s girlfriend who perished on the premises.

Gaga described Christina’s spirit wandering the home’s many rooms. The ghost also inexplicably switched on and off the mansion’s appliances at random. Christina’s presence left Gaga so unsettled, she refused to stay in the mansion alone.

The singer held a séance in hopes of contacting Christina and telling her to leave. But the session only inflamed the situation, causing a windstorm through the house. Christina made it clear she would not be evicted from her old haunting grounds.

Lady Gaga’s unsettling paranormal experience reveals that even ultra-famous pop stars can be left quaking in their boots by the supernatural. Fame and success offer little protection from lingering spirits staking a claim to a celebrity’s home.

Celebrity Ghost Stories – As Spectacular as Their Lives

While most celebrity lives seem glamorous and picture perfect, the stories show another side. Even in their spectacular mansions and penthouses, the rich and renowned can experience chilling brushes with the unknown.

For stars like Joan Rivers and Kendall Jenner, their celebrity status offered no immunity from annoying or even terrifying supernatural encounters. Their haunted houses provide an ironic counterpoint to the opulent trappings of celebrity.

Beyond mere entertainment, these accounts also remind us that fame and fortune have their limits. Possessions and privilege can’t shield you from ghosts bearing grudges, or evil imprinted upon a dwelling long ago. In the end, celebrities are just as vulnerable to paranormal activity as anyone. Which serves as a frightening reminder that no amount of success in life can protect you from what lingers afterward.

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