Books That Will Help You Plunge Into the Winter Atmosphere

December is a magical month when we decorate the house, decorate the Christmas tree on the eve of the holiday, watch New Year’s movies, read themed books, study various recipes for the New Year’s table. But sometimes it happens that there is no festive mood – then you can create it yourself. Someone makes bets in a 20Bet bookmaker in India, and someone reads books in the Winter Atmosphere.

Fannie Flagg “Christmas and the Red Cardinal”

A wonderful magic book that is worth reading on New Year’s Eve in December to tune in and catch the right wave of festive mood.

Fanny Flagg has a talent for creating cozy provincial worlds that you want to believe in. The terminally ill protagonist arrives in a small American town to spend the last Christmas away from the hustle and bustle. Gradually, he begins to get acquainted with the residents of the town, a friendship is wrapped up with someone. Residents here are not discouraged, guests are always welcome, ordinary food seems to be the most delicious, and ordinary events are wonderful.

This place helped the hero to find the meaning of life, or rather just to feel life. In the novel, Christmas symbolizes some kind of miracle, a moment when you can become a different person, or maybe discover something new in yourself. While reading the book, you will also want to be in this town, plunge into the Christmas bustle. The novel will help to take a break from reality, recharge with positivity and believe in miracles.

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Somerset Maugham “Christmas Holidays”

The main character decides to go to Paris for the Christmas holidays, but everything does not go as he originally planned. On Christmas Eve, he meets a girl of easy virtue, and a rather long conversation happens between them, which is why the main character’s whole life, his whole consciousness, turns over. Where their conversation goes, how the hero changes – this is what the novel will tell about. The novel has rather a biblical meaning, since the hero is supposedly reborn on Christmas Eve into a new person.

Naomi Novik “Winter Silver” in the Winter Atmosphere

This novel is a serious version of a winter fairy tale. This is a great option for those who are looking for an adult gloomy and realistic New Year’s book. There are no miracles and sentimental moments in it.

At the center of the story are three independent heroines who have to struggle with the complexities of fate. One of the girls has a will of steel, knows how to turn everything into gold, her family is threatened by a cruel king, another heroine is a poor and wise girl living under the control of an overbearing father, and the third is a plain and unloved daughter of a duke who was decided to marry a fiery demon, but she is helped by an outstanding intellect. All three lines gradually intertwine with each other, forming a dynamic story.

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