Bollywood’s most popular casino games

Bollywood, India’s own version of Hollywood, is famous around the world for its over-the-top cinematic productions with melodramatic storylines that feature larger-than-life characters, elaborate song-and-dance sequences, extravagant costumes and eye-catching designs. Bollywood’s movie-making machine produces over 1000 films every year, many of which play on the big screens all over the globe, and has created stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai whose fame expanded well beyond domestic borders.  

What’s more, these movies offer an interesting glimpse into India’s traditions and culture and a great escapist experience for the masses. But not many know that movies are not the only thing that the entertainment capital of India has to offer. Behind the glitz and the glamour of the Hindu cinema industry, there’s a thriving casino scene that keeps getting bigger year after year. 

Gambling in India has a long and rich history, being a preferred pastime of the locals. Nowadays, with the expansion of digital technologies and the ubiquity of the internet, online casinos have taken off all across the country, making the gambling scene all the more exciting. However, as expected, not all casino games are equally popular among users. So, based on players’ preferences and cinematographic depictions, here are some of the best-loved casino games in Bollywood. 

Teen Patti

Indians have a soft spot for card games and Teen Patti is definitely among the favorites, both at online and offline casinos. With over 6 million monthly active payers, Teen Patti stands out as one of the highest-grossing games in India. To what does it owe this popularity, you may wonder? Well, Teen Patti can be described as a combination of the English game of three-card brag and poker, both extremely popular games in their own right. 

Although players need to use strategic thinking and skills to master Teen Patti, the game is easier and therefore more accessible than classic poker, as it uses only three cards. This makes it highly entertaining and appealing to the Indian public.  

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is another traditional card game that has successfully transitioned to the online realm, having originated in Bangalore centuries ago. Unlike Teen Patti, Andar Bahar relies entirely on luck and does not require skills or strategy, so it can be enjoyed by both experienced and beginner players. 

The rules are extremely simple: the dealer places a card facing up and players place bets on the Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) piles, trying to guess where the winning card might be. The unpredictability of the game, the ease of play and the fast-paced rhythm, as well as the winning opportunities, make Andar Bahar an extremely enjoyable and engaging game. 

Satta Matka 

Dating back to the ‘50s, Satta Matka is a fascinating gambling game with deep roots in Indian culture and heritage. Originally, players would bet on the opening and closing rates of imported cotton traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange. As time went by, more numbers were added to the game, until it became the Satta Matka we know today. 

This simple lottery-based game involves players picking random numbers which are then combined to determine a winning pair. These days, people can play Satta Matka online as well as offline, boosting the popularity of this already-renowned game. While the online varieties differ widely from the offline games of Satta Matka, both versions are equally entertaining and provide a great gambling experience. 


With slots being one of the most popular casino games around the world, it comes as no surprise that they also hold a special place in Bollywood’s gambling scene. Whether we’re talking about online gambling or real-life casinos, slot games tend to attract very large crowds due to their ease of play and the immersive experience they offer. 

Players are spoilt for choice, having a wide range of titles at their disposal, with innovative features, attractive themes and tempting bonuses to keep them thoroughly entertained for hours on end. Beyond variety and accessibility, the promise of high returns also serves as a major incentive for players. 

Indian Rummy

Indians love a good game of rummy, which is why they’ve developed their own variant of the popular card game, aptly called Indian Rummy. People in India love to play rummy in real life just as much as they enjoy playing it online, so it’s not unusual to see them playing at the bar or on the bus, during their daily commute. 

Those who know how to play standard rummy will have no trouble picking up Indian Rummy, as the rules are similar, with the only difference being that in Indian Rummy each player is dealt 13 cards. 


Roulette games are well-loved all around the world and India makes no exception. If you go to a casino in any major city in India, Mumbai included, you’ll certainly see a large crowd surrounding the roulette wheel section. Needless to say, the popularity that roulette games enjoy in real life has been transferred to the online environment in recent years, expanding the game’s reach and fame. 

Apart from the classic roulette games that die-hard gamblers are familiar with, many other versions have emerged over the years, adding a bit of excitement and diversity to this all-time favorite. 


Speaking of all-time favorites, the list wouldn’t be complete without the king of card games, poker. Since poker is well-known and loved all across the world, it doesn’t require any introduction. However, it is worth noting that the widespread popularity of poker in India has led to the emergence of numerous online poker apps that give players the possibility to enjoy these games on desktop and mobile. 

Bottom line 

With the emergence of gambling websites, casino games have become a worldwide phenomenon, and Indians were quick to jump on the bandwagon. So, whether you’re looking for some accessible entertainment or a way to boost your income, these popular casino games that have become a staple in Bollywood might be worth the try. 

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