Bollywood Films about Casinos: 4 Movies You Should See In 2022

Imagine your favorite actor waltzing into a casino, sitting at a blackjack table, and winning rounds after rounds of games with some refined strategies. That’s the excitement that comes with watching casino-themed movies.

Casino movies boast thrilling plotlines that keep you on the edge of your seat, and Bollywood takes that thrill to another level. Bollywood gambling movies are likely to motivate you to play casino games. If this happens, you can visit to know the best online Indian casino you can choose for your gambling entertainment.

Ram Rao Oak, an accomplished gamer and casino expert, says there’s a lot to learn from casino movies, from time management to investment risks. These tips can help you sharpen and improve your gambling skills. You can follow his profile to learn more about the skills required to win at Indian gaming houses. This article will discuss the best Indian gambling movies you should watch in 2022.

4 Bollywood Casino Films You Should Watch In 2022 

If you’ve ever craved Bluechip download gambling movies and didn’t know what to watch, these are some of the best Indian casino movies you can see:

1. Teen Patti

If you’re a true lover of online Indian casino games, you should watch this movie. Teen Patti is based on a mathematical professor and genius known as Venkat Subramaniam — played by Amitabh Bachan — who discovered the secret to playing the popular game of Teen Patti. Venkat had played this game in some of the best online casinos and deduced that you could figure out your opponents’ cards if you figured out the three cards one of them was holding.

Venkat was intent on trying out this theory and had sought the help of a younger associate known as Shantanu Biswas — played by R. Madhavan — who also got three other students with him. Together, they journeyed into the hearts of Bombay, where money turns to chips. The theory worked, and although they made lots of money, doubt crept in, and things soon spiraled out of control. The thrilling part of this movie is the intricate details of the Teen Patti game and the madhouse that ensued after they started winning. 

2. Jannat

Kunal Deshmukh went all out on this 2008 blockbuster. Jannat is a gambling-themed romantic thriller based on Arjun — played by Emraan Hashmi — a casino gambler skilled at table games and sports betting. However, Arjun doesn’t stay that long with casino games when he meets Zoya — played by Sonal Chauhan. Making Zoya his motivation for a get-rich-quick scheme, Arjun ventures into the gambling world and gets lucky. 

Although he mixed with the wrong crowd and was eventually killed in the film, Jannat describes the world of gambling so eloquently. The movie threads on gambling limits and when players should withdraw from it. It’s a genuinely educational movie mixed with the right dose of romance.

3. The Great Gambler

This 1979 action thriller plunges us into the world of gambling unapologetically. It’s centered around Jai — portrayed by Amitabh Bachan. Jai is a skilled gambler that has allegedly never lost a game in his career. His gaming success score attracted an underworld Don known as Ratas Das, who hired Jai to be a ghost player for him. 

Unknowingly to the gambling guru, he had been hired to orchestrate a political conspiracy. The movie shows the gambling world and its association with the government, with some family drama mixed in. Although the Great Gambler wasn’t a hit at the box office at the time of production, the film was scored high by critics and has received several recognitions for its perfect illustration of the casino gaming underworld.

4. Striker

Striker is an eye-opener into the Carrom table game. Chandan Arora takes us on a journey through the eyes of Suryakant Sarang, who was introduced to the Carrom game by his brother. While they were from a low-income family, the boy knew his way around the table game, which was enough. He won the Junior Carrom Championship at 12, but the adult hustle replaced his love for the game. 

Suryakant had better plans, one of which was travelling to Dubai to start a new life. After finally saving enough to go, he was duped out of his hard-earned money and thrown back to the ghetto life. The movie centers on Suryakant’s journey as he goes back to his first love — Carrom — and pieces his life back together. It’s a psychological film that’ll have you chewing your nails or tapping your feet in anticipation. 

Final Notes

Gambling films are educating, revealing, and captivating. Many players can relate to the plots, which makes them more interesting to follow. You should consider movies like Teen Patti, The Great Gambler, and Striker if you love to see a bit of psychological action that accompanies the gambling world. After all, they take you to the gaming house in the comfort of your home.

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