Best institutes that provide free ethical hacking courses in India

Do you think hacking is for you? If yes, then you can make a career in it by learning a thing or two about ethical hacking. You can get into an ethical hacking course and learn all the famous hackers’ tactics. The only thing you need to get started is a passion for learning. There are plenty of ethical hacking courses in India that you can turn to.

Hacking is looked at as a bad thing in popular media. Where you only hack into systems and accounts with some malicious intent. But not all hacking is like that. There is a type of hacking known as ethical hacking or white hacking, which is the type of hacking that is legal. Ethical hacking aims to find problems in systems and help make the system more secure.

So if this sounds like something you would be interested in, let us help you find the best free Ethical Hacking course for you.

Ethical hacking courses in Delhi

India is one of the top countries where being an ethical hacker salary is good. Here is the list of the best ethical hacking course in Delhi:

  • Grras- Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security training and certification course

If you live in Delhi and are looking for ethical hacking and cyber security training Grras is an excellent option. The course duration is 60 hours, and you can get the training at a regular pace (which will be a month-long training) or a fast pace (a week-long training).

The topics this course covers are as follows:

  • Ethical hacking and cyber security
  • System hacking
  • Malware threats
  • Social engineering
  • Session hijacking
  • Hacking web servers
  • SQL injection
  • Cloud computing
  • Cryptography

All this is contained and perfectly divided into 20 modules taught to you over 30 days or 7 days.

  • Skillogic- Ethical Hacking certification training

If you’re looking for a shorter course, you can choose the one offered by Skillogic. This course is completed within 40 hours and covers all the essential topics. They are also well-recognized and well-reputed after training over 2000 professionals.

These are the best features of this ethical hacking course:

  • 100% money back
  • Accredited trainers
  • Complimentary business analytics course
  • Accredited by EC council

Unfortunately, this isn’t a free course. The ethical hacking course fee in Skillogic is Rs. 51,900.

Ethical Hacking courses in Chennai

For those living in Chennai looking for an ethical hacking course in Chennai, here are your best options.

  • FITA- Ethical Hacking Online Course

This is an online course for ethical hacking, but they are based in Chennai. The training is held live with real-time trainers coordinating with you. And once the course is completed, you get an ethical hacking certification.

Here are the features of this course:

  • Real-time experts for training
  • Live projects
  • FITA academy certification
  • Classroom training available
  • Placement support

The best thing about training with FITA is that you will get immediate job opportunities once you finish the course. 

  • InfySEC- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V11)

If you want to learn how to hack into systems ethically, InfySEC has a certification course for you that you can apply for. The official EC council has developed this certification course, and you can learn how to hack the legal way.

Here are the benefits of this ethical hacking course:

  • This course prepares you for the exam 312-50
  • Teaches you everything about viruses, malware, and trojan
  • You learn security from a hackers perspective
  • You will learn how to code
  • You learn how to find vulnerabilities

All of this will be taught to you by trained experts in the security and hacking industry for years.

Ethical Hacking Courses in Bangalore

For those currently in Bangalore looking for an ethical hacking course, here are some of the best ones:

  • Simplilearn

This is the course for those in Bangalore who want to clear the CEH v11 exam. You will learn about ethical hacking to clear the exam and become a competent hacker.

Here are the key features of this course:

  • Course fee includes the exam fee
  • Accredited by EC council
  • The e-kit study material provided by the EC council
  • Highly interactive online classes
  • 6 months of free access to CEHv11 iLabs

This course is excellent for those looking for a rewarding career in IT. Bangalore being the IT hub, this course has become necessary for many IT professionals and aspirants.

  • Texial- CEH V11 Certification Training

This course will be their ideal choice for those looking for a complete A-Z course in ethical hacking. In addition, this course is updated with the latest tools and technologies that the security sector uses.

Here are the key features of this ethical hacking course:

  • 80 hours of deep learning
  • Hands-on learning
  • Real-time CEH exam
  • Industry recognized certifications

So for all information security professionals or those aspiring to be one, this is an essential course.

Ethical Hacking Courses Online

What if you don’t have the time and schedule to do offline ethical hacking training? That is when you need an ethical hacking course online. The best ethical hacking course online found is the one provided by Simplilearn.

  • SkillUp By Simplilearn- Ethical Hacking for Beginners

This is a beginners level course and can be done by anyone without prior knowledge of hacking or security. The best thing about this course is that it is a free Ethical Hacking course.

These are the skills you learn from this course:

  • Database skills
  • Linux skills
  • IDS, firewalls, and honeypots
  • Cryptography
  • Advanced hacking concepts

Being an online course, it can be learned at an individual’s pace. The overall duration is only 3 hours, covering all the basic concepts and preparing the learner for the advanced course. This is a great career option as ethical hacking salary has also been on a hike. Today the average ethical hacking salary is Rs. 513,333 Lakh.

So choosing this career path can be great as it has plenty of scope in the digital future.


Ethical hacking is the best kind of hacking because it is legal and recognized as a good form of career. In this article, we have listed the sources you can get ethical hacking training in India.

You can choose an offline platform, or you can choose an online one. The best course of action will be to do a free ethical hacking course and learn the basics before an advanced course.

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