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Worldwide, sports betting and online casinos are one of the most popular trends in gambling. If you look at the annual reports of any bookmaker company can be surprised because these figures are exorbitant. But of course, users are not ignored, because through their activities they can earn a lot of money.

In recent years, classic bookmaker firms are losing relevance. In place of them came the bookmaker companies that provide their services online. And there are several reasons for this. First, it is very convenient, you can bet on sports without leaving home, and secondly, with the pandemic, you do not have to deal with large crowds of people allowing you to protect your health.

This article is just talking about online bookmakers. It is a bookmaker Melbet India, which began operating in 2012 thanks to the company Alenesro Ltd. Already a few years after its creation, the company has managed to achieve popularity among the inhabitants of India, because it allows them to spend their leisure time profitably by betting on sports, online casino games, slots, and various games. The number of sports events per day is staggering, and the sportsbook does not stand still and expands every year. 

Using the services of the company will be quite convenient, even for a new user, all this is achieved through easy navigation and the ability to download the Melbet app. Melbet app download is available for Android and iOS.

In addition, users will feel safe throughout the entire journey of betting due to the presence of a license from the authorities of Curacao and a well-encrypted server, which will store all their personal and banking information.

If you still do not believe that the company is legal and accurately pays out winnings to its users, take a look at the number of positive reviews that users leave after using the services of the company.

Let us finish this headline and move on to the pros and cons of the company.

Melbet Pros and Cons

Although Melbet is quite a popular company that is at the top of the best bookmakers for sports betting, still there are some disadvantages when using its services. But it is important to note that these disadvantages are insignificant and there are fewer and fewer of them every year.


  • The company has developed a unique Melbet app for Android and iOS;
  • Every Indian user will be able to change the language of the mobile app to Hindi;
  • The company offers a large number of bonuses and special offers thus encouraging and motivating users to keep using the services;
  • A large number of betting varieties and sports leagues;
  • Quick withdrawal and deposit methods;
  • Very easy registration and verification.


  • The bulk of the bonuses are focused on sports, and little attention is paid to the live casino section;
  • Unstable odds.

The main plus out of all of the above is the mobile app, let’s get to know it better in the following headline.

Melbet App Design and Features

Since the company is keeping up with the young generation, it has developed a mobile app available for two operating systems. Once you download it, you’ll know it’s exactly what you’re looking for, and make sure it’ll be a good start on your way to betting and casino games.

When the developers were choosing the design of the Melbet mobile application they chose light and dark colors as well as bright orange to add some colorfulness. In general, the design is quite modern and believe me you will be pleased to use the mobile application.

The navigation of the application is as simple as possible and even a new user can find what he needs. Also, it will be possible to enter the name of any event or slot in the search box, which facilitates the search.

In terms of useful features, the mobile application can talk for a long time. Because of the big number of advantages, the users prefer the mobile application to the official site in https://melbet-app.in/app/.

After downloading the Melbet app you will be able to do the following:

  • The same number of services as on the official site, but you will use them in the application, which will simplify your life because it is much easier to open it and not as time-consuming as when using the official site;
  • After you open the mobile application you will be offered to connect to the notification system. This is a very useful feature because it allows you to find out the outcome of your bet even without visiting the mobile application;
  • Any user will be able to bet on sports and play casino games even when he is not at home. Why so? The answer is simple your cell phone is almost always with you.

These are just some of the advantages of the Melbet mobile app, so download it and dive into the gambling world.

Now it’s time to find out how to download the app for Android and iOS.

How to Download Melbet App for Android and iOS

As you know the Melbet app is available for two platforms at the moment and its download to one or another platform will differ slightly. All these differences will be described in the app download instructions below. Read them carefully before downloading the application.

Download for Android(Melbet APK):

  1. Visit the company’s website. First, go to the mobile version of the official website of the company and pay attention to the menu item at the bottom right corner. Click on it and select the mobile app tab;
  2. Change settings. Now go to the settings of your phone in the security section. Next, allow unknown sources to download to your phone;
  3. Melbet APK download. After that, click download the app to Android and the file will start downloading. This file is the installer of the mobile application;
  4. Installing the application. The file you download will appear in the download section of your phone. Go there and click on Melbet APK download. This will start installing the mobile app on your phone. In about a minute you’ll be able to open the application which will be on your desktop. The process of downloading the application is complete.

iOS users need to perform fewer actions. This is because the application is downloaded directly from the App Store, not as a Melbet APK file with an installer.

Download for iOS:

  1. Visiting the company website. First, you need to open the mobile version of the official site and click on the mobile application in the menu item. After that, click download app for iOS;
  2. Melbet download. Don’t be scared. What will happen next is a redirect to the App Store. Here you can download the app. To do this, click on the get button and wait for the app to be installed.

As for certain system requirements in the form of free memory size and version of Android and iOS for Melbet download, this can be found on the official website of the company in the tab Melbet app download.

Of course, the mobile application is gradually improving and it fixes the disadvantages. At the same time, you need to update it. Read more about this.

How to Update Melbet App

The company’s mobile app does not stand still. This means that it changes from time to time. For example, disadvantages are fixed or the design and navigation are changed. In this case, users will be offered to update the app.

To update the app you need to do the following:

  1. If you have iOS, please go to the App Store and look for Melbet in the list of downloaded apps. You will then see that you can update your app and you just need to click on the update button;
  2. If you have Android you will need to update the app differently. This can be done by downloading an updated Melbet APK file on the mobile version of the company’s official website in the mobile app section.

Follow the latest updates and be aware of everything that is happening. Use only the current version and spend your leisure time together with Melbet app.

As you most likely know, every user has to go through the registration process after downloading the app. Find out how to do it from here.

Melbet App Registration

Melbet has a place of honor when it comes to the registration process as there are four different ways to register. They all differ from each other. Some are more time-consuming and some you will find in 30 seconds. That is, if you want to become a user of the company, you can choose absolutely any way.

When you open the Melbet mobile app, you will be given 4 ways of registration (by 1 click, by phone number, by email address, and through social networks). Select the desired method and follow the instructions below.

1-Click Registration:

  1. When choosing this method, first select your country of residence and the desired currency;
  2. Then you will be able to enter a promo code if you have one. Now click on register. By clicking this button, you agree to the privacy policy of the company.

As for the username and password, they will be automatically created by the company’s website and you will be able to change them later in your profile settings.

Registration by cell phone number:

  1. If you decided to register through your cell phone number then first you need to select the code number and enter the phone number itself. Then press sends SMS. After that, a confirmation code will be sent to your phone. Enter it in the appeared empty field;
  2. Now choose the desired currency and enter the promo code, if any;
  3. All that is left to do is to press register. Password and login will also be created automatically.

Registration through email:

  1. First, enter your first and last name. They must be real. Enter your email address here as well. Click continue;
  2. Now enter your country of residence and city. You must also include your cell phone number. Click continue;
  3. In the next step specify the desired currency, think of a password and repeat it. Also enter a promo code, if any, and you can press register.

The advantage of this way of registration is the fact that after creating an account at the verification you will need to fill in less information.

Registration through social networks:

  1. When registering through a social network, everything is as simple as possible. First, determine the social network through which you will be registered. For example, it could be a Google account;
  2. Now enter your country of residence and select the desired currency. For example, it could be INR for residents of India;
  3. When you log in to your account you will use the same password and username as when you log in to your chosen social network.

Congratulations, you now have an account from which you can make deposits and bet on sports.

Of course, the fact that users may have problems when registering or downloading the application is not denied. If you contact our Customer Support department and ask for help, in that case, we will be glad to help you.

Melbet App Customer Support

Melbet takes care of its users and therefore they have a complete customer support system. There are several ways to do that, which will be described below.

You can use the following ways to contact the support center at Melbet mobile app:

  • Callback. This way you need to specify your cell phone number and your name. Then click Order Call and wait for a call from an operator;
  • Contact a Consultant. This way you will directly communicate with a company employee through a special window, where you can ask him any question;
  • The company’s e-mail. The company has several email addresses. If your question is about general issues then use the following email address – info-en@melbet.org, if your question is about security – security@melbet.org. For questions about cooperation and advertising – partnerships@melbetpartners.com. 

The fastest way is to contact the administrator as he will reply within a few minutes. If you use email, then only for questions that can wait. 

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