About Cowboy Hatbands and Other Hat Accessories

People’s sense of style is growing at a rapid pace, just as the fashion world is. They’re always on the search for something different to wear that no one else has. They want to stand out in a crowd because of their uniqueness. Wherever you go, a well-thought-out appearance with the proper clothes, shoes, and accessories is bound to turn heads. Cowboy Hatbands-

Some wear hats just for fashion, while others wear them for practical reasons. They’ve been people’s friends for several reasons, but when you happen to come across gentlemen sporting this headgear or ladies wearing cowboy hats with a t-shirt and jeans, the look speaks for themselves. The cowboy hat is one such hat that has found its way into most people’s wardrobes. This hat has a personality of its own. The wearer needs to be cautious to do justice to the look with a western hat adorning the head. Different accessories came into being to enhance the hat’s appearance. Such accessories made the hat a fashion item in itself. As days progressed, fashionistas began styling their cowboy hats with myriad items. 

The different cowboy hat accessories 


Many people like to adorn their cowboy hats with hatpins. These pins are not like any other hat pins. The design of these pins complements the robust nature of the western hats. Usually, they are made of silver with emblems of a thunderbird, cross, stars, arrowhead, buckle, eagle, horseshoe, bullhead, mariposa, map of America, etc. Often they are embellished with turquoise stones. Most hat companies also provide customizable options which will allow you to have hatpins of your own choice.  


Cowboy hats are the perfect headgear to sport ‘a feather in your cap’. Both men and women like to decorate their western hats with feathers. Many a time, these feathers are attached with hatpins or bands, which makes them easy to use. Natural feathers of birds like pheasant, turkey, jay, peacock, white dove, parrot, or quail are the first choice of buyers. Often, these feathers are painted to give them a one-of-a-kind look.   


The usage of bands on hats was first seen in the year 1861 when people tied a black ribbon around the crown of their hats to mourn the death of Prince Albert. Later, hatters started using them to conceal the seam connecting the crown and the brim. Their other purpose was to ensure that the hat sat properly on a person’s head. Today the scenario is completely different. Hatbands have come a long way, and now you get them in various forms, types, and shapes. The most popular among them are – 

  • Horsehair hatbands

Horse hairs are usually long and coarse. The tail hair is commonly used in making braided belts that are made into hatbands.

  • Leather hatbands

Leather items are signs of status and wealth. Depending on the preference of the wearer, the width of the leather bands varies. 

  • Snakeskin hatbands

These bands are very uncommon, and you will rarely come across very few people owning one. Rattlesnake and python snakeskin is the most sought-after snakeskin cowboy hat bands

  • Concho Cowboy Hatbands

They are metal (generally silver) adornments and have either an oval or round shape. Concho hatbands are also sometimes inlaid with stones.

  • Beaded hatbands

These hatbands are handcrafted. You can wear them with any hat of your choice too. They are customizable, and you can choose from various designs and color options.

  • Feather Cowboy Hatbands

As said earlier, feathers are sometimes attached to the leather bands to make a band. 

These cowboy hatbands come with other decorative items like turquoise jewels, bones, skull emblems, bullets, and anything you can fancy teaming your western headpiece with. The open jaw and the rattles of a rattlesnake are also mounted on a hat with a band to give it a wild feel. Sometimes these accessories are used as a single item, and sometimes they are paired to achieve a new look.

These hatbands either remain permanently attached to the hat or can be removed as and when required. These removable hatbands can be adjusted. So, you have the choice to pick whatever type you need. Having the removable type will allow you to dress your hat in different hatbands that will match your attire. And you too will not become bored using the same hat again and again.  

Hat chains- Cowboy Hatbands

Cowboy hats sometimes, too, are decorated with metallic chains of various widths around the base of the crown. They are held in place with hatpins or glued permanently to the hats. These chains also come with adjustable leather bands. The design options are numerous. Even you can add a hanging charm to it if you wish. Adding jewelry, stones, or buckles alters the look of this accessory completely. No one can miss a sparkling silver chain against a black cowboy hat, can they?

Do it yourself accessories

Many of the accessories mentioned over here can be made by hand easily with the materials readily available at home. If you are not keen on buying one or want to buy one and make one too, you can do so effortlessly. The things you can use are –

  • jewelry pieces like chains 
  • a thin leather belt with a mini buckle 
  • leather strips 
  • buttons or pins 
  • beads 
  • feathers
  • medallions 

Steps involved

Here we will tell you how easy it is to make your own western hatband. We will be taking a thin leather adjustable belt, feather(s), a turquoise stone, and some hot glue. That’s it! 

  • Measure the base of the crown of your hat. 
  • Take the thin belt and cut it according to the measurement. If you want a removable band, keep some length extra for adjusting. But if you like to attach it to your western headpiece, cut only half an inch extra to avoid any mistakes. You can always trim the extra length after gluing it to the hat. 
  • After securing the band at the base of the crown with hot glue, let it dry for some time. Make sure the ends of the belt are at one side of the hat because we will be placing the feather over there. 
  • We will now attach the feather(s) at the juncture of the belt ends. Choose a pattern of your choice if you have taken more than one feather.
  • At the base, where you have glued the quill of the feathers, place the turquoise stone. It will cover the section giving you a unique look. 


So, you see, a hat accessory can wholly change the appearance of a hat. Whether you decide to buy one or create one, definitely have one. 


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