4 Analog Watches That Are a Must-Have in Your Accessory Wardrobe

Regardless of your gender, there are certain accessory wardrobes you commonly need and one of them is analog watches. Analog watches have been around for centuries and they have been considered the most sought-after accessories in the entire history of human interventions and inventions. Analog watches, until today, despite the disruption by smartwatches, remain the most coveted accessory that is unparalleled in terms of style, panache and elegance. As watchmaking has evolved over the years, it is not just the craft that has undergone drastic changes but also the template but we must remember that something as eternal as analog watches remains timeless no matter what.

This is why analog watches are a must-have in your accessory wardrobe. They last a lifetime and enjoy immense popularity among men and women. Nothing quite feels as classy and sophisticated as wearing elegant analog watches. They are obviously meant for timekeeping but you can always bank upon them and make them a part of your wardrobe accessory. So, why wait? Let us explore analog watches for men and women in the meticulously curated list mentioned below and make it easy for you to choose a must-have accessory. Read on – 

The Grey Affair

A consortium of vibrant colour combinations and popular trends, this analog watch for women radiates an old-world charm and appeal with a symphony of colours at play. The grey-coloured, round-shaped dial is a masterpiece that pays honours to the exquisite tradition of watchmanship and craftsmanship. This is one of those analog watches that is considered a staple for a woman’s accessory wardrobe, so you can keep your fashion choices subtle and sophisticated. So, get hold of this watch piece today and make it your fashion anchor today.

The Rough & The Rugged

As one of the most popular analog watches, this one comes with a glow-in-the-dark feature and a nylon strap. The special element of these watch types is that they were developed during the war and have features that were specially made to be utilized during wars and battles. The nylon strap especially makes it durable and gets replaced easily in case of wear and tear. Need we say more?

Go for Silver

The old-world charm and aesthetics began with an experimentation as is the case with all things vintage. Similar is the case of these analog watches with old-school aesthetics. They were designed to be statement pieces for your ensemble, and they turned out to be just so – head turners and pieces worth a second look. This sensational silver watch has a retro charm about it that is surely going to make the onlooker take a second look. Isn’t that classy?

The Regalia Opulent

Class superiority and workmanship are exhibited in their full splendor in the analog watch range. This series of analog watches features exquisitely crafted pieces from the best materials and the genius of creative hands. This watch piece looks extremely appealing to the eye and indeed, it is made of a quality that can be vouched for. The build quality and durability are exceptional, making this kind of analog watch a truly timeless piece of art. 

Regardless of the kind of analog watches you buy, you would always want to protect them from wear and tear and maintain them properly so they can at least last a lifetime, if not a generation. While you may follow all the rules and guidelines to the core, the most important aspect that you must ensure is that you buy them from trustworthy and reliable brands that have established their names in the art and craft of watchmaking. Some of these brands include Titan, Fastrack and Sonata. Brands like these understand watchmaking inside out and therefore you must check them out when looking for analog watches, be it online or in the store. So, don’t wait. Get them today.

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