2 best Netflix Korean dramas to watch on demand

South Korean culture is getting a lot of attention, as it should, thanks to the growing number of “K-Pop stans” on social media sites like Twitter and the popularity of movies like “Parasite.” Because of the Internet and streaming services like Netflix, which offer a wide range of content from all over the world, Hallyuwood now has a bigger audience than it did before.

Hallyuwood is finally getting a chance to go beyond the Korean market, while Bollywood has already become a major force around the world. After you’ve seen all the normal plots on Netflix, there are a lot of Korean dramas to watch. Even in the form of old episodes, there are a lot of options, which makes it hard to choose. Our crew is with you. Here are the 2 best Korean dramas that you can watch right now on Netflix but before then, get on aussie online pokies for a better stake.

For fans of the supernatural: Oh My Ghost (2015)

The assistant cook Na Bong-sun, played by Park Bo-young, is not the surest of himself. But Bong-shaman Sun’s grandmother helps Shin Soon-ae, a young ghost who is still a virgin, take over her (Kim Seul-gi). Soon-ae uses witchcraft on Bong-sun because she thinks that if she doesn’t find the right person to marry, she won’t be able to move forward in the afterlife.

Soon-ae gives Bong-sun the confidence she needs to talk to her boss, celebrity chef Kang Sun-woo, on who she has a secret crush (Jo Jung-suk). Nothing in Bong is what it seems, and the police and sun are still looking into what’s going on in Soon. Ae’s death’s

Oh My Ghost is a comedy-drama, but it has a lot of romance and mystery to offer. You want Soon-ae and Bong-sun to do well, but you’re also interested in how they became one thing and what happened to Soon-ae after she died. After you finish the original series, which is clearly better, you can move on to the Thai version.

For fans of high-concept romance: Love Alarm

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In this drama, the characters imagine a world where a simple phone alert can tell you who likes them. It is based on a webcomic with the same name. If someone within 10 meters of you shows interest in something, you will be notified, and you can choose to ignore them or talk to them.

Love Alarm is bad because it makes it impossible to hide how you really feel. Kim So-hyun plays Kim Jo-jo, a girl who breaks all the dating rules by getting involved in a love triangle with two boys without using Love Alarm. Hwang Sun-oh, played by Song Kang, is a famous actor, and Lee Hye-yeong is a friend of Jo-best jo’s and a secret admirer of hers (Jung Ga-ram).

People who are worried about “Big Brother” will enjoy talking about Love Alarm, and people who love triangles will like what the app has to offer. Think about what the world might be like if people couldn’t hide how they really feel. There is also a scenario in which a young boy is beaten and attacked because he is gay after seeing another boy wearing a Love Alarm ring. There are also large-scale protests against the app. There is a love story and a critique of where technology is now.

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